The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory, headed by Laia Aguilar, makes creative clothes for kids that are comfortable, easy to wear, and playful.

“Be a good animal, true to your instincts”

This is a motto that Laia regularly goes back to, whether she’s creating a new collection or advising her kids. Staying true to her instincts has done Laia well. Fascinated by art, architecture and seventies-era painting, the former Bobo Choses creative director creates graphic, spirited children’s clothing, with animals taking centre stage in her designs. Each season, through its collections, The Animals Observatory takes us on a journey to a new world, one seen through the clever eyes of children and the honest hearts of animals; where love, equality and kindness triumph, and scratchy wool and fussy fashions are rejected. Instinctive, modern and made to last, The Animals Observatory makes pieces that kids love wearing, and that keenly capture the lively spirit of childhood.

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Website: / Instagram: @theanimalsobservatory

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