Mimico Kids

Why You Need to Discover the Brand Mimico Now!

Lately, I have been obsessed with eco-friendly sustainable fashion for babies and kids. Nothing is better than knowing where and how clothing is made. I like to invest in solid staples for my children and independent brand Mimico Kids offers just this.

In Galicia, Spain, children’s fashion designers Carmen and Carolina illustrate and design timeless fashion for babies and kids and the results are simply gorgeous.

Children's fashion Designer Carmen Dibujando

“Our project aims to help conserve the natural resources of our planet, through the creation of ethical and eco-friendly collections. Our garments boast simple and functional designs and they are respectful of the environment, human beings and animals. They are designed and made in Galicia, boosting local commerce.”

Mimico Kids designers

Made with organic cotton, recycled fibers including PET (polyester made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles), and eco-friendly inks and dyes, the manufacturing and the details of the clothing speak for itself.

Mimico Kids cares about protecting our children and the environment around us.  Through this belief, we see the beautiful reflection of timeless and comfortable clothes for our little ones.

Mimico Kids

Mimico Kids - ecofriendly baby fashion

Mimico Kids

Mimico Kids - ecofriendly baby fashion

Mimico Kids - ecofriendly fashion

Mimico Kids - girls fashion

Mimico Kids - ecofriendly baby fashion

Mimico Kids

Mimico Kids

You can follow Mimico Kids on Instagram at mimicokids and also on Facebook.

This eco friendly brand is one to watch!

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