What to Do During Spring Vacation in Paris

Paris Winter Vacation is approaching and kids are off of school for 2 weeks! Traditionally many kids visit their grandparents during this time, or when parents have to work, the school stays open and offer recreational activities at the “centre aéré”.  Some parents also take time off work to go on a family vacation, while others search for local activities in Paris. What type of local activities can we recommend? Here is a selection of fun and alternative activities for kids that offer a new experience and also the opportunity to learn something new in a new environment with different children of their age.

Some all day activities that we recommend:

– The Equestrian centre in the Jardin d’Acclimatation

For all horselovers, the Equestrian centre is offering a pony riding camp for kids 4 years old and up. This camp is divided into two weeks: April 29 – May 3rd and May 6th – May 10th from 9h to 17h with lunch included. This camp offers the perfect opportunity for children who love horses to learn the anatomy of the pony, feeding, care, saddling, walking and running!  The Equestrian centre in the Jardin d’Acclimatation also offers mini classes from 9h-12h and from 14h-17h without lunch.  Groups are formed according to age and level of children (Shetland baby by 4 to 7 years, Shetland Gallop Gallop level 1 and 2, Double pony starting from the age of 8, Double Pony Gallop Gallop 3 and level 4) .

– Vacance des Rêves (Dream Vacation) at the Centre des Arts Vivants

The Centre des Arts Vivants offers an amazing modern dance, singing and theatre program which will thrill and tire out your kids! Five days full of dancing, singing and theatre with talented teachers and also a delicious lunch included. The bonus!? There is a Friday evening show for parents and loved ones to see the past weeks work. Pretty amazing for a 1 week workshop. Tried and tested by Yoyo Mom and highly recommended!

Our selection for English Fanatics:

– The Roaming Schoolhouse
The Roaming Schoolhouse Spring Camp will take place from 28 April to 3 May at the newly renovated Ecole Sainte Catherine in the rue des Bernardins.  The theme will be “The City” with an emphasis on Spring. Weather permitting, kids will  make an excursion to a park or perhaps the Jardin des Plantes. Other classes include sport, drama, music, science and art.  The cost is €350 per child, with a 10% sibling discount.

For younger children around age 3, it is often difficult to find vacation activities because they are too young. For parents who are looking only for an atelier of an hour or two per day we recommend:

– Poum-Poum Tchak!


Poum Poum Tchak Ecole MusiquePoum-Poum Tchak! offers LES ATELIERS DU CLUB DE MUSIQUE from April 29th through May 10th for kids ages 3 to 10 years old.  Kids get to explore and try all kinds of musical instruments in a real recording studio!  At the end the kids make their own music recording! Tried and tested by Yoyo Mom! Listen to the recording made by our kids:

– Les centres d’animation parisiens

Les centres d’animation parisiens offer several 1 hour long activities pour children ages 3 and up. There are several fun activities to choose from including circus, dance, yoga, and more!

1-2 hour workshops for kids 4+:

– Kapla Centre

For kids who love to build, the Kapla Centre in Paris offers 1 and half hour workshops for kids ages 4 and up.  Tried and tested, for kids age 4, it’s a bit long but they actually were able to build incredible dinosaurs with the Swedish Kapla wood blocks.  Other groups that were older made castles, villages and even the Eiffel Tower!  The animateurs offered a lot of guidance in creating figures that would not be easily done at home! Tried and tested by Yoyo Mom!


Centre Kapla, 27, rue de Montreuil, XIe,  open Wednesdays and Saturdays and every day during the vacation period!, 15€ for each workshop or reduced price for 10 workshops, length: 1 h 30, à 10 h 30, 14 h 30  ou 16 h 30. 01 43 56 13 38.

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