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What Mother Made Interview

When the words “handmade” and “London” come together, we cannot help but to think of the contemporary yet classical designs of What Mother Made.  Meet Charlotte Denn, the found and designer of the brand.  With her team, they create original pieces for babies and kids (pieces can also be made to order), including the bright rose pleated dungarees that we have fallen in love with.  

Yoyo Mom decided to ask Charlotte a few questions:

What Mother Made

– What’s a Mom / Are you a Mom?  Yes I am a mum to two gorgeous little ones, Madison who is 6 and a little boy Arlo who is 7 months.

– Ups and Downs of being a Mom? I get Ups just by being with them, they make me laugh everyday. Its tough sometimes juggling work, school and a baby but incredibly rewarding.


What inspires or motivates you? your designs? other designers? My inspiration for What Mother Made comes mainly from vintage shapes and patterns. I love how simple and beautifully designed clothing was back then. I spend a lot of time in jumble sales and flee markets digging out old children’s clothes, they are an incredible source of inspiration for me. I’m not really inspired by modern fashion but I do love choosing fabrics, it’s one of my favourite pastimes, mainly because it involves shopping!

What made you interested in making clothes for children? My interest in making children’s clothes came from my daughter as I found it impossible to find classic shapes in lovely fabrics. So I started making my own pieces. I started selling  handmade dresses on a market stall and was selling out. Since then the brand has grown incredibly quickly. I think people appreciate the care and attention hand made products deliver.


What is your dream situation for What Mother Made? Remain local? Go global? I would love for What Mother Made to become an internationally recognised brand, but I wouldn’t sacrifice it if it jeopardised our quality. We want to grow of course, but continue to make to handmade garments, buying my own fabrics is important.


– Any good tips or places that you recommend in London for Mum?  Good places to visit in London are the trendy markets that really set London apart from any other city. Broadway Market in Hackney is particularly good.You get to see the best in new emerging brands and you can pick up a bargain too.

–  Any good tips or places that you recommend in London for kids? Kids always love the parks and London is spoilt for choice when it comes to that department. interactive playgrounds like Holland Park Adventure Playground keep them entertained for hours.

Along with the online storeWhat Mother Made is also sold at the Broadway Market every Saturday (9am – 5pm) and Abney Hall, Stoke Newington every other Sunday (11am – 5pm).

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