Wander & Wonder

Wander & Wonder

When I first discovered children’s brand Wander & Wonder showcasing their Spring Summer 2018 collection at Playtime Paris, I was over the moon to find a brand that makes clothing for “curious kids who love adventure”. This kids fashion brand happens to be right up my alley! I fell in love with the Japan inspired theme, full of fun and humorous prints that easily appeal to my kids.  

Wander & Wonder kids fashion brand
WANDER & WONDER Ramen Sweatshirt (Spring Summer 2018)

After being inspired by Japan, and then by Sweden, the current Wonder and Wander Spring Summer 2019 collection, now in shops, is full of colourful beautiful clothing, including vintage inspired prints that share the warm and vibrant Mexican culture. 

Wander & Wonder Lookbook

Hilda, Wander and Wonder’s founder and designer creates each collection with 100% know-how and enthusiasm. This season, the collection includes an ode to Frida Kahlo, the internationally celebrated Mexican artist and painter, the guitarrón (the Mexican six-string acoustic instrument), pom poms, sombrero hats, burros, and Mexican Folk Art designs.  The collection is an invitation to travel and discover Mexico!

The unisex t-shirts are made with thick quality cotton. My kids love the cuts, as they are not your average body hugging tees, but they are ample, comfortable and allow for movement and play. Some favorites include the Hola t-shirt and the Taco tee.  The brand also has quite a few cool accessories including a Viajero tote bag with pompom tassels and striped sports socks that match the entire collection.

I’m curious to know Wander and Wonder’s inspirations for their future, upcoming collections. I love this brand so much that, in fact, I actually share a sweatshirt with my kids. 😉

Wander & Wonder
Wander & Wonder kids fashion brand
Wander & Wonder - Frida Kahlo
Wander & Wonder

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