Top 10 Kids Tents & Teepees

Check out our selection of top 10 tents and teepees for kids.  These tents and teepees look great in children’s bedrooms as well as outdoors in the garden or on the beach. They are practical as they can easily be folded up and carried with ease.  Kids love tents and teepees for imaginary play, for napping, reading and also just hiding out for a bit of quiet time.

Such Great Heights Kids Tent Such Great Heights Kids Tent Such Great Heights Kids Tent
Such Great Heights clothes rack

Our absolute favorite tent is from Such Great Heights by Australian designers Ryan and Jo.  There are so many delightful canvas prints and we love that the tents can also be converted into color dipped clothes racks!


Kalon  Studios + Nico Nico have collaborated to make this the Field Tent with matching Backcountry Stool.  This tent is made locally in Los Angeles and is available in three canvas options: striped, denim and natural.

nobodinoz teepee

Tents with gorgeous printed motifs that look great in any child’s bedroom by Be Little You & Me.

Nobodinoz kids tent

Nobodinoz Tents are practical and ideal for indoors.  They are large enough to fit 2-3 kids inside!


The DEUZ  tent comes in colorful and happy yellow! Perfect for adding a little sunshine to the bedroom.

Kids on Roof tentKids on Roof tent

Studio Roof (a.k.a. Kids on Roof) Play Tent is original as it is shaped more like a true home. Available at The Kid Who.



The Lucky Boy Sunday ‘Favourite Place’ play house is colorful and unique and appeals to kids with it’s graphic colors.  Each play house is hand knitted in Bolivia with non toxic dyes. Available at Available at Alex and Alexa and Molly Meg.

Mohican kids tent

The Mohican Teepee is excellent for camping fans. It’s definitely more appealing for little boys. These tents are handmade in the UK and available at Etsy.

Habitat kids play tent

The Habitat Kids Play Tent is practical and easy to set up.  Resistant against wear and tear.


Last, but not least, for those who do not have enough space, there is always the Striped Coast Play House Tablecloth. This offers special fun for kids while parents are dining.



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