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The first time that baby drinks and eats remain unforgettable souvenirs. From baby’s first milk (whether breastfeeding or from a bottle) until the first solids, feeding baby develops their senses for the future.

Today, the baby food industry has developed tremendously.  According to Neil Howe from Forbes Magazine, “Baby food spending is on the rise as well, led by organic brands: Organic baby food spending is projected to hit $783.9 million in 2017—up from $613 million in 2013.”  Parents can practically forget baby-food jars, because the special demands of parents for their growing babies requires more and more organic and fresh foods.  Today, it’s just as easy to find the perfect baby bottle, cutlery, bibs, food, and other practical, well designed accessories for baby at mealtime.

Here is our selection of a few fresh new products and accessories that will help parents feed their babies with ease.

Le Biberon Français

The chic, 100% Tritan stackable baby bottles are made in France allowing baby to “Enjoy French Milk”. Le Biberon Français recently launched their first collection of designer baby bottles at Colette in Paris. These bottles are eco-friendly and compact, ideal for travelling and packing light(er)!


This new brand offers tastes of “real food” for baby packaged in small gourds. Popote offers 100% organic products including tomato, blueberries, parsnips, artichokes and even guinea fowl. The products are delivered with recipe ideas to create  an entire meal for baby by mixing and matching gourds. There’s  no reason why baby cannot (eat) develop their sense of  taste (just like adults), especially gourmet babies!


Doddle Bags

In order to make homemade baby meals easier to serve, especially when traveling or when out of the home, the Doddle Spoon Set offers the possibility to put the baby’s meal in a small bag (bpa free & recyclable) with a twist top. When ready to eat, it’s easy to add the spoon to the bag to feed baby on-the-go. Later, when baby has finished from feeding with the Doddle bag, the bag can be used to paint with the Doddle Brush Set. Genius! The Doddle Bags are available at Oxybul.

Doddle Bags

Comme des Papas

Designed by a group of Dads, with kids in mind, Comme des Papas cooks up gourmet, organic meals for babies with fresh seasonal products.  All foods are available to order and can be delivered throughout France. Yoyo Mom tasted a few of these food jars and they are truly delicious (Yes, even for adults! ;)).

Comme des papas

Comme des papas

BEABA Bib’expresso

This fancy expresso machine for babies prepares the bottle with one hand in only 30 seconds!  The Bib’Expresso prepares, heats up and also sterilises bottles.  There is also a program to automatically clean the machine.  Your baby will surely cry less with the Bib’expresso “deluxe”.

Préparateur de biberon instantané Bib'expresso gris

EZPZ Anti-Slip Table Sets

Practical and easy for serving baby meals. This table set is made of silicone and it sticks easily to the table without falling off.  The sets have integrated plates or bowls allowing for all in one meal service. They can also be used in the dishwasher, microwave and also in the oven at up to 170° C.

EZPZ Set de table et assiette antidérapant

EZPZ Set de table et assiette antidérapant

MOUMOUTE Slip-on Bibs
Made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton, these bibs won’t fall off baby when eating. They are simply gorgeous.  You may even be tempted to keep them on baby before and after meal times!
Moumout bavoirs pour bébé

What are your souvenirs of baby’s first meal? After milk, what was your baby’s first food?

Main image: Popote.



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