Top 10 Superhero Inspired Fashion

Kids often dream about being a superhero . Each with their special super power, strong and invincible, superheroes are colorful characters that intrigue and fascinate. This super hero fascination has inspired several kids fashion designers. Here is our top ten Superhero inspired fashion selection:

Super Hero Top 10

1. Batman Forever Rain Coat, Western Chief 40,65€ at Nordstrom. 2. Superman Underwear Set, Handcraft at Amazon $6. 3.Superhero Tights, Little Titans £14,99. 4. Batman Costume, Ratatam 38€ at My Little Day. 5. Jimmie T-Shirt, Stella McCartney Kids 33€. 6. Bat Hoodie, Talc 74€. 7. DC Comics Superman High Tops, Converse 43€ at Alex and Alexa. 8. POW! Necklace, Swank Jewelry £25. 9. Kourage Orage Slippers, Collégien, 23€-30€. 10. Spiderman T-shirt, H&M£5,99.

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