Tinitell kids watch phone

Tinitell, the First Mobile Phone for Kids

Does your child want or perhaps needs a telephone, but you don’t really want to give them a screen or the responsibility of owning (or losing) a smartphone?

Look no further! I recently discovered the amazing Tinitell and I must admit, that I was extremely curious about this Swedish designed object, so I decided to test it.

Tinitell kids watch phone

This waterproof, silicone watch phone fits easily on your child’s wrist with absolutely no screen! How does it work? There are only three buttons on this extremely well designed and thought out phone. In order to place a phone call,  you simply push the front circle button to phone a family member just like a regular phone. The phone has an integrated microphone and speaker and can call up to 12 different phone numbers. The two side buttons work for volume, selecting calls and also for announcing what time it is. It’s as simple as A, B, C.

Tinitell kids watch phone

The Tinitell is an invention that peels back all the flashing lights and extras that children don’t really need. It just goes straight to the essential: knowing what time it is and being able to get in contact with your child.

My son feels more independent and I feel connected to him when necessary. Although for the moment, I must admit, I am only letting him use the watch during specific situations. I think I’ll wait a bit longer for him to use it everyday. 😉

Tinitell kids watch phone

On the Tinitell there is also another very handy feature, you can also track your child on the phone. The watch phone works as a GPS and it can be connected to parent’s smartphone with the Tinitell app (available for IOS & Android). Parents can manage all of the information on the watch from the Tinitell app.

Overall, the Tinitell is a definite must-have for a child’s first telephone. It is compatible with most SIM cards around the world including our 2€ per month contract.

The only negative comment I could mention is that the USB charger could stick onto the watch a bit stronger. But other than that, I really love this gadget. I’m even thinking about getting one for myself! 😉


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