Tie and dye Finger in the Nose

Tie and Dye Fashion

This Spring, “tie and dye” fashion has made it’s comeback, using poetic styles of tie and dye methods.  These clothes have patterns, spirals, rainbows, and abstract patterns. Whether neon pink, storm gray, turquoise or red pepper, we love it!

For Girls

Tie and Dye girls fashion

MILK x SODA Phoenix Bucket Hat, 57€ / MANGO Denim Tie & Dye Hat, 19,99€ / STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Blue Tie Dye Denim Dress, 85€ / MANGO Veste tie and dye coton Limited Edition, 29,99€ / NEXT Set of 2 tie and dye socks, 10€ / CROCS Tie-Dye Graphic Clog, $44,99 / FINGER IN THE NOSE Loud Tie-dye Leggings Black, 49€ / BABY STEPS Tie Dye Thermal Pyjamas, $32 / FISH & KIDS Tie Dye Playsuit, 63€

For Boys

Boys fashion tie and dye

BONPOINT Blue Tie Dye T-Shirt, 70€ / BO(Y)SMANS Accessories 601 Tie Dye Purple Bucket Hat Tie Dye, 80€ 40€ / MANGO Bob Tie Dye, 12,99€ / LOUIS LOUISE Brooklyn Fleece Shorts, 59€ / BO(Y)SMANS Blue Trousers, 90€ / MISH Grant Tye Die Tee, $34 / TEN IS Baskets Tie and Dye Bleu, 68€ / NUNUNU Short Tye Dye Voile, 52€

Tie and Dye women's fashion

LEON & HARPER Rimbo Tie-dye Dress, 185€ / LONGLIVETHEQUEEN x SMALLable Tie-Dye Sweatshirt, 99€ / APIECE APART Sur gathered tie-dyed organic cotton-poplin mini dress, 290€ / MANGO Tie Dye Bucket Bag, $59.99 / LEON & HARPER Tie and Dye Sweatshirt, 95€ / ANTHROPOLOGIE Tie Dye Bambou Socks, $28 / LAURENCE BRAS Cabas Grocery Tie and Dye Marron, 180€

Main image:  Finger in the Nose

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