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The NEW DIY GAME : Nintendo Labo for Nintendo Switch!

If you or your kids are not yet video game fans, the Nintendo Labo game will most likely change your mind! This is not the traditional video game where you hook up and play. You will need to do some “serious” DIY for at least 20 minutes or more before playing. Of course you will need a Nintendo Switch game console in order to use and play Nintendo Labo. If you don’t have one, this game will most likely persuade you to purchase one! Read on to see why…

This creative kit for Nintendo Switch comes with a game, a set of cardboard pieces and accessories to build, create and design your very own toys, aka toy-cons. These unique toys come to life by using the Nintendo Switch. Testing the Nintendo Labo with my son was an amazing surprise and I am still in awe over how the developers were able to create such an elaborate experience through the simple use of cardboard and game controllers.

How to Play Nintendo Labo

In order to start playing Nintendo Labo, you must first build with the pre-cut cardboard pieces. Each model includes step by step tutorials that can be viewed on the Switch. The instructions are easy to follow and can be repeated and skipped for all levels and learners. Each model varies in time to make. For example, the remote control cars require about 20 minutes while the piano can take up to 3 hours. Kids ages 7 years old and up can participate and also build their own toys with or without the help of an adult.

A very fun and hands on part of building includes customising each toy. We had a very amusing time decorating and transforming our remote control cars with stickers, googley eyes, and even pipe cleaners. Afterwards, we raced and also competed in a sumo wrestling style ring to try to push one another’s toy over. An excellent mother and son moment!

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo Car

Nintendo Labo Car

Nintendo Labo Car

The Nintendo Labo launches worldwide today! There are two kits that will be released. The first kit contains the remote control cars, the piano, the fishing rod, the motorbike and a house. The second kit contains the very popular robot which involves making a robot suit which is worn as a backpack with pulley strings attached to the hands and feet, as well as a special robot visor. Yes, you become the robot!

Nintendo Labo Toy Cons

Nintendo Labo Motorcycle

Nintendo Labo Robot

Nintendo Labo Robot

After all the fun is finished, and all the games are played and replayed, the secret advantage with Nintendo Labo is the Toy-Con Garage (a special feature included in the software of each Nintendo Labo Kit). Kids and adults can use coding with the programming platform, to build and make their own cardboard toys and designs. Basically, the process, the ideas and the imagination are unlimited!

Nintendo Labo

If you are not convinced, and if you are intrigued by this game, I highly recommend that you test it. There are so many amazing tools hidden in the toy-cons. For example, when fishing, you can create your own personalised fish using the piano which contains a scanner that can produce musical scores and fish for the fishing game. There are so many little secret tips and ways to play with the Nintendo Labo. It certainly makes more sense when playing.  Luckily, we will be celebrating a birthday in the family very soon and will possibly have the occasion to play a bit more. 😉

You can find the Nintendo Labo games at Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

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