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That Cosy Feeling

Cold winter weather equals cuddling up on the sofa and feeling cosy.  One good idea for refreshing up your child’s bedroom includes shopping for decorative pillows. There are so many adorable cushions on the market that are ideal for bedrooms and even living rooms.  Kids love snuggling with pillows, so why not enjoy decorating your child’s bedroom and adding a bit of cosiness at the same time!

Home Sweet Home

Kids Designer Pillows

1. GRAMPA Bianca Cushion Gold
2. BLOOMINGVILLE Sleeping Cloud Pillow
3. NUMERO 74 Teal Blue Velvet Star Cushion
4. BLOOMINGVILLE 16″ Square Tibetan Lamb Fur Pillow
5. CAMOMILE LONDON Checked Home Cushion 29×57,5 cm Indigo blue & CAMOMILE LONDON Home Cushion 24×38 cm Coral
6. ATSUYO & AKIKO Bonne Nuit Pillow
7. BLABLAKIDS Flower Pillow
8. ANTHROPOLOGIE Turi Pillowcase
9. LUCKYBOYSUNDAY Fancy Finger Pillow

Animal Lovers

Kids Animal Pillows

1. DONNA WILSON Baby Bear Mini Cushion
2. NUMERO 74 Lion Cushion
3. MIGA DE PAN Mr. Kuma Grey Bear Cushion
4. OYOY Cat Zorro Cushion
5. MIMI’LOU Rocky the Tiger Cushion
6. ANNE FONTAIMPE Bear Cushion 30×20 cm
8. OYOY Lion Cushion
9. OEUF NYC Dog Pillow

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