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Spring Summer 2020 Favorites for Mom and Kids


I’m currently at home with the kids, helping them to get organized for the next few weeks of homeschool. In the meantime, I ‘m also trying to do my own (home)work. For the past few days, I was planning on posting an article about the latest fashion trends for mom and kids at SMALLable. However, in these uncertain times, it ...

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SMALLable Private Sales + 1970s Fashion Inspiration

SMALLable mode 1970's

1970’s style is back and here to stay! That seventies fashion was strongly inspired by music. The folk, disco and psychedelic rock bands of yesterday are still popular today. Whether listening to Diana Ross, ABBA, Led Zeppelin or the Beatles, you may certainly imagine yourself along with these musicians fashionably dressing in warm brown, golden and orange tones of yesteryear. ...

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Our Favorite Backpacks for Kids of All Ages


We just got back from vacation and we have already shopped for all of the school supplies at the beginning of summer. But, hold on a second… the backpacks are old, they have a few holes or tears, and they will definitely not last the entire school year. So let’s try to find the perfect school bag for going back ...

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Winter Color Pop – Private Sales at SMALLable

Vente privée Smallable

During the autumn and winter months, we often wear dark colors and especially black. But it’s a little “boring” to dress in dark colors, especially in the winter when you’re a child. So, why not go for bright colors?!? Right now and until November 12th, it’s the SMALLable Private Sales and you can enjoy up to 30% off the AH18 fashion ...

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Out of this Galaxy Fashion

Mode galaxie

Once upon a time in a faraway land, in a galaxy far far away, this was the place to be. At the moment, we have our eyes on some out of this world fashion. Outer space and also our solar system has always been a hot fascination for kids. Did you ever learn the jingle to learn the order of the ...

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Discover the New Collections at SMALLable

Smallable nouvelle collection

Why do kids grow so fast in summer?  After every vacation, it seems that my kid’s shirts and shoes are all too small.  It’s only evident that a bit of shopping is necessary to start off the fall season. September is actually a very good time for shopping, as the new children’s fashion collections are all launching now. At SMALLable, they have ...

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SUMMER SALES: Brands to Shop at SMALLable

SOLDES Smallable

During the sales, online shopping for babies and children is always easier to do than for Mom! Afterall, kids are always super cute in almost any outfit whether too big or slightly too small. 😉 Sometimes, there are so many items to shop that it can take a long time to find that extra special outfit.  Whether you are looking ...

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Kids Fashion: The 1990’s are Back!

Melijoe Kids Fashion

Let’s take a blast to the past and head back to the 1990’s, an era which most parents these days probably remember! Melijoe has just launched a very cool series of looks in their online magazine including our favorite 1990’s trend. How about a little a pair of ripped jeans, a colourful tracksuit, a plaid shirt, a baseball cap and ...

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SMALLable Sales – what to shop for Mom and Baby

Smallable soldes

Shopping during the sales is a great way to save some money and also find some lovely clothes for our forever growing kids. Whether you need a new jacket for you or your child, or a new pair of shoes for your toddler, SMALLable offers some amazing reductions on fashion for women and children as well as a lovely selection of lifestyle ...

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