Spring Gardening with Kids

Spring is an excellent month for growing plants from seeds.  The weather is usually a bit warmer and the sun starts peeking out easily to greet baby plants.  We wanted our kids to experience Spring gardening with easy to grow plants. These plants tend to grow faster and the results can be observed within days. If you are stuck indoors, perhaps you can even find a bit of dirt, a small pot or cup and some seeds at the grocery store, to grow inside by a window.

The Radish –  We were very happy to grow radishes and observe the results almost hour by hour!  After 3 weeks, they are supposed to be fully grown. We have 2 more weeks to go… but already have some day to day progress to show!



Our kids love eating radishes for a crunchy afternoon snack. In France, we cut them in half and spread a bit of butter and salt in the middle like a radish butter sandwich. Yum!

Borage or Bourrache Flowers – These purple flowers are not only pretty but they are also edible.  Excellent for decorating salads or just alone, these flowers surprisingly taste like oysters!



Other seeds that are easy to grow include beans,  sunflowers, and sweet peas.

If your kids are passionate about gardening, we recommend the creative Moulin Roty gardening inspired products that are sure to please! At a reasonable price, these products are also great for gift giving.

Gardening for Kids
Botanist CaseiconKids Garden Tools Set with Tote Hand Rake, Shovel & Trowel – Nature Lotto Game – The Explorer Kit

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