Spring Cleaning Decor

Spring Clean & Redecorate!

Spring is approaching and it’s an excellent time to let some fresh air in and do some spring cleaning.  This moment gives a great opportunity to not only clean, but to also have fun and redecorate!

For the living room, the focus is on hand woven baskets from Thailand in various sizes. The smallest baskets are also beautiful filled with plants. These baskets are available from 13.50€ and up at Bodie and FouMilk and PaperHappy Home, and also Les Petites Merveilles.



For the bathroom, we love the organic cotton Spear Laundry Basket with leather handles by Ferm Living (54€ and up) and the House Doctor wall storage units at Bodie and Fou for 196,57€ .

Ferm Living and House Doctor


The String Shelves (135€ at Anna Ka Bazaar) in the kitchen allow for easy organisation for dishes and other accessories.


Last but not least, for the kid’s bedroom, colorful accessories for  storing toys and other goods include the tie and dye handmade sacks by Danish designers Varpunen (30€ at Les Enfants du Design), metal suitcases (from 31,20€) and metal stackable AMPM storage bins (from 28€).

Kids Room Storage


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