Spring Break Activities in Paris

We are always on the lookout for fun and often educational activities for our kids during Spring Break.  We have been very busy lately and haven’t had much time to organize.  But we are always inspired by all that Paris has to offer (even at the last minute!). Here is a selection of original activities for kids to do in Paris, on their own or with the entire family.

La Carte Privilège Wondercity :  with the purchase of this card Wondercity offers up to 70% off several activities for kids.  The list is long and the choices are endless for keeping kids busy during Spring Break and also just on the weekends.


– Cameleon Club : during two weeks this club offers all day activities for kids ages 10 years old and up. The first week of Spring Vacation (from Monday April 21st – Friday April 24th), kids can enjoy an entire week with Play Well, the Lego experts.  During the second  week, multiple activities are offered including puppet fabrication, origami, paper and texture objects, scientific experiments, cooking and also discovering the world of Mind Mapping. Cameleon Club is like summer camp in the center of Paris.


– Artbeauristes : Artistic workshops offering photography and cinema or photography and illustration are taught by a professional photographer acccompanied by a filmmaker and an illustrator.  These workshops are taking place at the AGECA, 11, rue de Charonne 75011 Paris from 2PM – 4:30PM for kids ages 7 to 10 years old.


– Serre aux papillons : over 700 butterflies can be discovered at this butterfly park in the Yvelines. This spot is perfect for the entire family.

1 avenue des Platanes, 78940 La Queue-lez-Yvelines
telephone: 01 34 86 42 99
Opening hours: everyday from 10AM – 12:15PM and 2:30PM – 6PM from April to October
Tarifs: 6,40€, Reduced Rates: 4,70€


Art Kids Paris : Kids ages 5 to 15 can visit various Paris museums and monuments in Paris accompanied by the Art Kids Sisters (students in Art History). Art Kids Paris even offers organized visits for the entire family.


– Falconry Workshop : A bit more pricey than the average workshop, but this offers kids a special moment to discover these birds of prey.  

Located in the Val d’Oise (95), 30 Km north of Paris
e-mail: stagefauconnerie@gmail.com


Cats and Dogs Expo : For all cat and dog lovers, this exhibition at the Paris Science Museum is divided into 3 parts: In their Skin, In their Brain, and In Society.

La Cité des Sciences & de L’Industrie
30 avenue Corentin Cariou
75019 Paris
Open Tuesday – Saturday from 10AM – 6PM and Sunday from 10AM – 7PM.


Happy Spring Break to all the Parisiens!

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