SPLASH Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery – A Timeless, Permanent Collection

Soft Gallery presents Mini Splash, the new, permanent collection that will remain a staple throughout the years. Right along the lines of their poetic, seasonal collections, The Mini Splash offers high quality, organic everyday essentials for babies, children and their mothers.

For the Mini Splash collection, Soft Gallery reinvents their signature “splash” print in three different color palettes : Peach Perfect, Ocean Grey and Fluffy Sky.

Since the very beginning, Tine and Barbara, the brand’s co-founders, started splashing paint on paper goods used for Soft Gallery. This print eventually became used on clothing and lifestyle goods.

Today, the splash motif has become a defining symbol for this artistic brand and therefore, Mini Splash is born.

Soft Gallery Splash Collection

Soft Gallery Changing pad

Soft Gallery kids pajamas

SPLASH Soft Gallery

SPLASH Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery diaper bag

Soft Gallery linge

Soft Gallery toiletry bag

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