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NEW: SMALLable Gift Lists

In order to simplify my life and save some time lists are essential. Whether it’s a shopping list, a to-do list, a goal list or a family list… there are so many different lists to make.

At the moment, SMALLable has launched a new service and it happens to be all about lists:  The baby gift list and registry. I like this idea!  It’s possible to create a list or even several lists to share with friends and family.

Say goodbye to useless gifts! It’s time to receive exactly what you want!  Perhaps, some of you may like surprises, or perhaps ou may not like telling people what you want. However, in all honesty, for baby shower parties, birthdays, baby births, Christmas, and other special events it’s actually very practical.


Liste de naissance SMALLable

In order to create a personal gift list, simply click My Lists on the top right of the Smallable homepage, then click Create My List on the next page. Simply fill out the formula to start your list. You can also invite a Co-Editor to add to the list. Both editors can add products to the list and share them via email and social networks.

The SMALLable gift list is practical, simple and flexible as all payments made are collected as a fund. This way, it’s possible to modify the list at any time and purchase whatever you want with the total fund. For all clients that contribute to a gift list, Smallable is offering  a voucher worth 5% off each person’s contribution once the total reaches £500.

In order to help clients make their lists, SMALLable proposes a selection of products for baby girls, baby boys, and also baby surprises.  At the moment, we are making a couple Christmas lists.

Here are two of Yoyo Mom’s lists for the cousins and for Mom 😉

Smallable Christmas list

1. FAB Ball Swing / 2. NUMERO 74 Lancelot Costume / 3. KIKO+ Datcha Datcha Distributor / 4. WILD & SOFT BIBIB Unicorn costume / 5. MINIKANE Poussette à jouer exclusivité Noël 17 Minikane X Smallable / 6. GREEN TOYS Tool Box / 7. ROCK AND PEBBLE Pebbles Wooden Alphabet Figurines / 8. BRIKKON Tree Cubes  / 9. FISHER PRICE VINTAGE Pull Along Snoppy – Vintage Remake / 10. MILLER GOODMAN PlayFolk – Set of 75 wooden pieces  / 11. ROCK AND PEBBLE Wooden Apple House / 12. DUMYÉ Sundays Pink Doll Making Kit

Mom’s Wishlist

SMALLABLE wish list pour maman

1. KERZON Fragranced Mist – Le Soleil / 2. SESSUN J.K Lurex Headband / 3. BECK SÖNDER GAARD Paradise Sequin Pouch / 4.  P.F. CANDLE CO N°19 Patchouli Sweetgrass Soy Candle / 5.  I LIKE PAPER Gold Slim Paper Watch / 6. LEON & HARPER Sultana Jumper / 7. SWILDENS Rocher Fluid Satin Skirt / 8. NAILMATIC Lexy Prune & Romy Rouge Nail Polish / 9. DES PETITS HAUTS Odilia Velvet Elasticated Belt /  10.  ZOÉ RUMEAU 120 LED Black Wire Fairy Lights / 11. SESSUN Darling Shoes / 12. ALMA Baby Soothing Balm / 13. DESIGN LETTERS Travel Notebook / 14. HONEST SKINCARE Mandarin and Patchouli Bath Salts / 15. DR PAW PAW Lip Balm, Large Tube 25mll

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