Shaun the Sheep – Family Cinema Time!

Shaun the Sheep is out in cinemas worldwide! We were lucky enough to see the movie premiere with two children ages 5 and 12 years old.  For the younger child, he was captivated from beginning to end and the older child was laughing heartily throughout the film.  This is definitely a great movie to see with the entire family! With the start of a very rainy Spring, we were more than happy to goto the cinema and discover Shaun the Sheep!

While in Paris, if you have already seen the film or would like to continue to partake in activities with the same theme, the Exhibition AARDMAN, ART THAT TAKES SHAPE is going on at the Museum of Art Ludique. Until August 30, 2015 you can rediscover Shaun the Sheep, as well as Wallace and Gromit, the fowl of Chicken Run, and over 50 other film characters and sets.

See you soon at the cinema!

Film Summary

Shaun is a smart little sheep who works with his flock at at Mossy Bottom Farm under the authority of the sheepdog named Bitzer.  Life is good overall, but one morning, when waking up, Shaun says that his life is only full of constraints. He decides to take a day off, with a plan lull the farmer asleep. Shaun’s plan works a little too well and he quickly loses control of the situation. One thing leads to another and the entire herd is found for the first time far from the farm and more precisely: in the big city.

But how can a sheep survive in the city? How can a sheep avoid being recognized as sheep, and thus avoid the sharp claws of Trumper the terrifying animal warden? Their day includes racing at 100 miles per hour, full of incredible adventures, and always very funny. When Shaun meets a little orphan dog named Trunks, who dreams of having parents, Shaun realizes that he would be much happier with his family on the sheep farm.

Movie Trailer

Another fun clip that we love is the Photo Booth. You can watch it here!

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