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Rubber – – – – – You’re the One!

When I think of rubber toys the first image that comes to mind is the famous rubber ducky! In the 1940’s, artist and designer Peter Ganine created a duck sculpture which he patented and reproduced as an adorable floating toy. An instant success!

Since the 1940’s, the rubber toy industry has completely transformed, offering a huge selection of well designed super cute toys to spoil newborns and babies.

What I love about rubber toys is that they are non-toxic, Phthalate and PVC free, soft and fun to manipulate without breaking, and that they are environmentally friendly objects overall.

Nowadays, rubber toys come in all shapes and sizes. The rubber ducky is no longer a favorite. Companies have created animals, vegetables, and other abstract shapes to fulfil the needs and desires of all consumers. Here are a few of our favorites.

NATRUBA Swan Natural Rubber Teether


HEVEA Gorm Whale Teether Soothing Toy


OLI & CAROL Heart Bracelet by Agatha Ruiz

LANCO Natural Rubber Teether Monstera Leaf

EEF LILLEMOR Bear Soothing Toy

LOULOU LOLLIPOP Chocolate Ice Cream Silicone Teether

LOULOU LOLLIPOP Bunny Silicone And Wood Teething Ring

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