Iglo+Indi kidswear

Ready for Summer in Iglo+Indi

Although it is not yet official, Summer is here!  We are putting away our warm winter clothes to make room for Summer.  It’s time for our kids to dress in t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts and dresses because vacation is just around the corner…

Whether your children are at the beach, or still in school, it’s time to forget synthetic materials and get comfortable in organic clothing. Nothing is more practical and easy to wear than organic cotton, the ideal warm weather material for sensitive skin. Here is Little G in a 100% eco-friendly outfit from Icelandic brand Iglo+Indi. Inspired by insects and nature, Little G easily wears the grey Beetle tank top with a pair of sporty shorts. Three cheers for summer! 🙂

l'encyclopedie de la nature

Iglo + Indi fashion

Iglo + Indi fashion

Iglo+Indi kidswearLittle G wears the Iglo+Indi Beetle Tank Top & Stone Shiny Shorts with a pair of  Coq Sportif trainers.

Iglo + Indi kidswear

You can find the entire Spring Summer 2017 Iglo+Indi on their site, and also at Melijoe.

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