Nike Back to School Collection

Ready to Go in the Nike Back to School Collection

Summer is over and the new school season is here! The kids are excited to reunite with old friends and meet their new teachers.  Since they have grown quite a lot taller this summer, it’s time to renew their back to school wardrobe with a few new fall styles.

Since the end of June, Miss L has had her eyes on a pair of the latest all white Nike Huarache trainers After two months of vacation and the start of the upcoming school year, she hasn’t changed her mind one bit!  These are the trainers she wants for the first day of school and the rest of the school year. Little G has already worn his pair of all black Huaraches almost every day last year so it’s also the perfect time for him to purchase a new pair. Being the big sports fan that he is, the back to school Nike selection offers everything even little boys (that aren’t interested in shopping) like including Huarache trainers and football tracksuits

Nike Back to School Boys Collection

My children are starting to develop their own tastes and they want to choose for themselves what they are going to wear. They love sportswear and they also both love the color black. As a parent,  comfort is one of the top priorities and style is also very important. So when Miss L and Little G were offered the chance to gear up from head to toe in Nike, they were ecstatic!   

Nike Back to School Girls Collection

Nike Back to School Collection

Nike Back to School Girls Collection

Nike Back to School Boys Collection

The back to school Nike collection offers a wide range of trainers, hoodies, tops, and bottoms for girls and boys.  The selection of clothing is perfect for layering, mixing and matching, and also wearing when it’s cold, rainy or hot.  My favorite products that the kids shopped up are the vintage style hoodie, the multicolored Windrunner hoodie and last but not least, the Huarache trainers that come in various colors.

This year my kids will be participating in various after school sports activities including football, rugby, basketball, swimming, and classical ballet.  So here’s to a happy, healthy new school year. Let’s do it! 😉


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