Qwant Junior

Qwant Junior, A Search Engine for Kids

My daughter is growing up. She was raised when the computer and the smart phone were already in full swing. She isn’t even aware about what a typewriter, a cassette tape, a record player and hardly even at all what a CD is. Welcome to the high-tech revolution! Here comes the Generation Z, or rather the generation of children born after the year 2000!

My childrens’ tactile skills are probably more developed than my own and they already have a natural, intuitive notion for typing on the keyboard and finding what they need on the internet.  As social media is ever present and most people we know are dependent upon it for their everyday use, some sites including the ever powerful Google and YouTube have become very popular for my daughter when finding videos and images for DIY activities and some of her favorite hobbies.

My daughter’s latest searches included cute cats, fimo tutorials, wild horse, etc. But sometimes when she has searched for videos, the results are quite surprising (sometimes too surprising!). The obvious step in safe guarding is accompanying her when on the internet and child proofing the web browsers. Despite great effort, the inevitable is often unavoidable. There are sometimes advertisements, or pop up windows with adult content that suddenly appear on the screen and search engine images can sometimes show pornographic content.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having my daughter test Qwant Junior, the search engine conceived for kids between ages 6 through 12 years.  I discovered Qwant Junior through Sophie who has been working for quite a long time in commercializing this engine with her team.

So far, I am happy with it. Nothing is ideal and there are always a few small glitches. However, on Qwant Junior, most violent or offensive sites are directly blacklisted while educational sites are whitelisted.  Qwant Junior is also secure, private and has no tracking. In regards to image searches, the filter is very efficient.  The kids love the headlines that are listed on the front page with subjects including nature, history, etc. My kids will keep testing Qwant Junior and we’ve made it our default browser.  For the moment, the web has become just a bit more kid friendly for my children and perhaps other Generation Z Kids.


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