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Ready for Preschool…

The first day of school and going back to preschool is often accompanied by tears. Yoyo Mom has prepared a small selection to make it as smooth as possible!

* A small backpack to leave at school with a change of clothes, a blanket for a nap or a snack for after school.

Coq en Pate Rucksack

Tiger MIBO Rucksack Coq en Pâte at Shakshuka, 15€

Coq en Pate backpack squirrel

Squirrel Backpack Coq en Pâte at My Little Square, 35,60€.

Bonton Sac

Bonton “Don’t worry it’s winter” Bag, 29€

Bobo Choses School Bag Bobo Choses School Bag
Bobo Choses School Bag Bobo Choses School Bag

Bobo Choses Backpack at My Little Square & Noeuf, 45€

* Reinforce your child’s confidence with 8 “bon points” to earn when they display good behavior. After 8 points, perhaps they will get a surprise!

Madame Chacha Bon PointsChacha Bons points for Good Behavoir at Léo le Pirate, 3€

* Get kids in the habit of using crayons, paper, scissors, and glue…

Gommes outils DOIY

DOIY Tool Erasers, 5,95€

Crayons Studio Skinky

Studio Skinky Playon Crayons at Eeny Meeny Kids, £9.99
Marks Masking Tape Smiley

Masking Tape Smiley Mark’s at Little Fashion Gallery, 7€

Finger painting art set
Worldwide Co. Finger Painting & Stamp Set at SMALLable, 11€

Yoyo Mom wishes goodluck with getting back to school!

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