Puy du Fou

Paradise in Puy du Fou

Have you ever heard of Puy du Fou ? In English, Puy du Fou (pwee-do-foo) may sound awkward and it is most likely unknown to people who live outside of France.
So what is this magical place? Puy du Fou just happens to be the ultimate, award winning theme park in France that is appealing for families of all ages and even more extraordinary… this park contains no rides!

So what makes this park so extra special ?

The attractions include spectacular, breathtaking shows each ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. Each show is period-specifi centering around themes including Vikings & Ancient Rome. There are special effects, music, legendary characters, live animals, singing and dancing, and all the elements that make this place extra unique. From Vikings, Musketeers, to the knights of King Arthur, each and every show is appealing to watch. All of the main shows can be viewed in multiple languages with headsets or they can be simply watched in French as they are often self explanatory as a simple, visual pleasure.

Puy du Fou theme park

Puy du Fou Phantom Birds Show

Puy du Fou Show

Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou
Puy du Fou

At Puy do Fou there are not only shows, but beautiful gardens and forests, traditional villages with local artisans, jungle gyms, petting zoos, and  authentic food from the region. Walking around the park , our imaginations transformed us back into the past and we really lived up to being in another world.

Puy du Fou village

Puy du Fou village

Puy du Fou jardin

Puy du Fou

In order to enjoy the entire visit, it is recommended to stay overnight at this park and experience one and a half or two full days to view all the shows and even watch favorite shows more than once.

Puy du Fou Iles de Clovis

The Puy do Fou offers visitors the choice of three hotels. We chose the Clovis Island hotel with two day tickets to the park from €314 (€411 in high season) for a family of two adults and two children.

If you happen to live in Paris or are just visiting Paris, the Puy du Fou located in Les Epesses in Western France, is easily accessible via train.  A one-day adult pass costs €30 in advance (€34 on the day) and €20 for kids (€23 on the day). The two night-time shows, Organs of Fire and Cinéscénie (Friday and Saturday only) cost extra, but are worth seeing. The park is open from April through September so this Summer is the ideal moment to go!

For more information, visit the Puy du Fou website here.

Puy do Fou amusement park

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