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In France, kids have a lot of free time with half days of school on Wednesday, the weekends and also vacation every six weeks.  With quite a lot of days off,  I am always on the look out for special activities and workshops to keep the kids busy.  I often get inspiration and ideas from websites including Wondercity and Atelier Enfant. I also find good activities in the magazine Paris Mômes offered for free at the local library. I haven’t tested each and every activity, as there are so many options.  However, here is a list of 8 activities that will most likely inspire you and your children!

1. Magic Makers offers workshops for kids age 6 years old and up. From learning how to make an animated cartoon with the program Story, to making a video game with the coding language Scratch, kids have many options to become familiar with computer coding.

Magic Makers coding pour enfant

2. Play-Well believes that the best way to learn is through playing. This company does just this through their LEGO® workshops for kids ages 5 and up.  Using engineering, architectural and scientific principles, kids are invited to partake in group workshops in various locations around Paris. You can consult the Play-Well workshop locations here.

Atelier Enfant Play-Well LEGO

3. Falconry for Kids :  Kids ages 8 years old and up, alone or with a parent, are invited to spend a day learning about falconry. This workshop is ideal for young animal lovers who will be able to have a unique “hands on” experience with birds of prey.

Telephone :

4. Mur Mur – This association offers kids of all ages from 3 years old and up the chance to climb! With an enormous indoor 17 meter artificial wall, come rain or shine, this activity offers kids the chance to develop their concentration and motor skills.

MurMur in Pantin
55 rue cartier bresson
93500 PANTIN
Tél : 01 74 88 06 61

MurMur in Issy-les-Moulineaux
Les Arches d’Issy 1-6, Boulevard Garibaldi
Tél :  01 58 88 00 22

5. Naturlish : For fishing lovers, the Naturlish team let’s kids discover and learn how to street fish in Paris’ canal! Open to kids ages 7 and up, Naturlish offers all material on site and practices catch and release fishing, so no one, not even the fish, get hurt!

Naturlish - pêche à Paris

6. Space Jump is an enormous 900m2 trampoline park. This new type of park, will certainly make your little ones get their energy out!  Space Jump also offers baby gym workshops for little ones and also activities for adults.  You will just have to motivate yourself and your kids to venture a bit outside of Paris, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, to get your jump on.

Space Jump

7. Le Centre des Arts Vivants offers children ages 7-11 years old to partake in the “Vacances de Rêves” (a.k.a. Dream Vacation), which offers dance, theatre and singing. During five days, young artists are invited to create an entire show with the help of various teachers.  At the end of the week, parents are invited to watch the fabulous results!

Le Centre des Arts Vivants / CHOREIA
4 rue Bréguet
75011 Paris
Tél : 01 55 28 84 00
Email :

8. Rrose Selavy offers a full calendar of activities for young children and also teenagers.  For Manga fans, cinema animation fans, cooking classes, and also sewing classes, several of your kids will certainly find an activity that they want to learn at Rrose Selavy.

Rrose Selavy
Ateliers d’arts plastiques Rrose Sélavy
5 rue Fromentin, 75009 Paris
tél. 01 40 23 05 95 • 06 84 18 91 03

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