Oaks of Acorn

Oaks of Acorn – Retro Future SS18

From Hong Kong to New York, Oaks of Acorn lays out a playground of personal style for kids. With classy, urban vibes and fun, retro future inspiration, the new Spring Summer 2018 collection “wades into an  aesthetic loop of nostalgia for the imagined future of a recent past.”

With several cool details, you won’t find on the high street, Oaks of Acorn stands out as a unique fresh and exciting kids wear brand.  We love the baseball jersey inspired outfits with silver lined ribbing, stone washed shorts and tank with back zipper details, and the galactic holographic fabrics mixed with soft matte cotton. Kids can be comfortable, yet stylish at the same time.

The Retro Future SS18 collection includes a palette of greys, whites and pastels to brighten up children’s wardrobes this spring and summer season. 

A few favorites? It’s actually hard to choose. Here are my top 12!

Oaks of Acorn - Retro Future

From left to right, top to bottom:

Pinafore Stone Washed Denim Dress / Retro Futuristic Jane Blouse / Bluebelle Barbarella Dress / Holographic Doc Bomber Jacket /Carter Pinstriped Top / J. Fox Pinstripe Trousers / Jet Black Anson Backpack /Kubrick Dress /Stone Washed Denim Tank /Stone Washed Denim Shorts /Palmer Polo / Retro Futuristic Bomber Jacket  

Oaks Of Acorn asks us, “How did the past portray the future?” It’s fun to imagine and remember.

Oaks of Acorn

Oaks of Acorn Boys fashion
Oaks of Acorn Boys fashion

Oaks of Acorn children's fashion

Oaks of Acorn children's fashion

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  1. I love Stone Washed Denim Sports, and Jet Black Anson Blackpack.

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