Nouvel an avec enfants

New Year’s Eve with Kids

So…. what are you doing for New Year’s Eve? This is the eternal question that everyone asks towards the end of December. Celebrating with kids is always a slightly different party than ceebrating with adults only.   So if you are celebrating 2021 with the family, friends and kids, here are a few inspirations for bringing in the Kid Friendly New Year!

When we think of the new year, we instantly think of stars and glitter. They remind us of fireworks and celebrations. Some of our favorites include the number balloons, gold confetti (large enough to easily clean up)  from Michael’s, and New Year’s Eve printables at Etsy.

New Years Eve

Celebrating the New Year is always done with a big cheer and a glass of champagne. For kids, Martinelli’s sparkling Cider will do the trick. You can make your own with sparkling water and apple juice. Just add half a glass of apple juice and half a glass of sparkling water to make the perfect New Year’s drink. You can also add a few colourful gummy bears to make your drinks sparkle with color!


Make your own  “Happy New Year” photo booth with some 2014 glasses made out of cardboard and a chopstick.  You can also buy them here or at Etsy.

Etsy New Years Eve DIY


To make some noise without big danger, the Pop Pop Snappers perfect for young and old!



Last but not least, we love the timeless Life Calendar: “How was your day”. A light and funny way to start the new year off from Brigada Creativa !

Brigada Creativa calendar

Happy New Year!!

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