Must-Have Bags for Back to School

Whether your kids are going back to school or not, you might want to purchase a backpack to store their books, pens and papers and get them in the mood. Getting kids back into the swing of things despite the strange times, might be just what they need. I remember the excitement of shopping for my new backpack and labelling all my pens and pencils.  Perhaps you are on vacation laying by the pool or along a beautiful white sand beach.  Perhaps, you are already busy at work and the kids are at summer camp or with family and friends.  Nonetheless, the new school year is creeping up on us and it’s about time to start thinking about buying that very special back to school backpack.  Here is our favorite selection of bags that we would love to have for our kids this school year.  There’s nothing better than a practical gift to get the kids excited for the upcoming school year. 😉

What We ❤ For Boys
Boys backpacks

1.) L.L.BEAN Junior Original Book Pack 2.) PARKLAND Smile Franco Backpack 3.) BOBO CHOSES Electric Blue Lost Things School Backpack 4.) OCEAN&GROUND Crazy S Backpack   5.) NIKE Blue Tanjun Extendable Backpack  6.) FABRIC FLAVOURS Black Comics Badgeables Backpack  7.) LECONS DE CHOSES Retro Sport Backpack 8.)  JEUNE PREMIER Classic Midi Tiger Satchel (36 cm) 

 What We ❤ For Girls

Girls Back to School Backpacks

1.) MATHILDE CABANAS Coucou Backpack 2.) TANN’S print schoolbag – 41 cm (16.1”) – Angèle 3.) OCEAN & GROUND Distressed Trip Backpack 4.) JEUNE PREMIER Bobbie rucksack – Cherry Pompon 5.) JOJO FACTORY Little Birds Schoolbag 6.) FJALLRAVEN KANKEN Rainbow Mini Backpack 7.) LEFRIK Capsule Backpack




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