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Interview with Sam & Rich from Munster Kids

Meet Sam & Rich. They are from Sydney, Australia and are the designers of the fun and urban brand called Munster Kids.  Munster Kids began in 2005 and was named after the urban legend of Mikey Munster who represents the fun trouble maker in every kid.   With three boys of their own, Sam and Rich have constant inspiration for their line of high quality surf and sports wear inspired clothing for kids.

We are honored to interview them for Yoyo Mom and we just cannot wait until Munster Kids hits more shops in Europe.

What’s a Mom / Are you a Mom?
A mum is endless , unconditional love…One who must master the art of juggling cooking, washing, working, homework , sport, bed time stories and Life .Provider of encouragement , support , new experiences and plenty of adventures. Yes ..I am a mum to 3 boys.

What’s a Dad / Are you a Dad?
A Dad is someone thats good at wrestles, who’s idea of dinner is a great sausage sandwich with ice-cream and popcorn for dessert, plays every sport possible, and the one who sets the boundaries. Yes, I’m a Dad to 3 active boys.

Ups and Downs of being a Mom?
I love the craziness that is motherhood.. watching them grow and play and learn and explore everyday, watching their little personalities evolve.. the downside is when you try to keep up with them skateboarding and break your heel.

Ups and Downs of being a Dad?
The boys are 5 , 7 and 9 with three quite different personalities. It’s such a buzz watching them discover new things and see them slowly mould themselves into the individuals they are. Down side- being the one they test the boundaries with and having to pull them in line.

Munster Kids

What inspires or motivates you? your designs?
Our boys are the ones that motivate and inspire us. They provide plenty of that…

What made you interested in making clothes for children?
Rich was in the surf wear industry and had his own label when we had our first boy Jax. Basically there were no clothes for boys we liked …So I thought, well lets just make our own…

Munster Kids

What is your dream situation for Munster Kids?
I think we are living it now…We are selling to over 30 countries and still growing, being stocked in some of the best stores in the world.
We have been able to blend raising our boys , home life and work.. .We also lived in Vietnam for just over 2 years…and we travel often and have a lot of fun.
Life is good… although maybe working a little less might be nice.

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Sydney (or Australia) for Mum?
I love a market and I also love great coffee. My favourite place at the moment is the Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney. There are also plenty of great Farmers Markets around Sydney.

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Melbourne (or Australia) for Dad?
Beaches are great, so plenty of surf with the national parks the pick like south coast of Sydney Garie then head further south to Symbio animal park and catch some Australian wildlife with the kids. Also go see a sporting event local or in the city -always fun with the kids.

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Sydney (or Australia) for kids? There is loads to do with kids in Sydney. Taronga Zoo is always a favourite. Taking the ferry to Manly.. Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains or just hitting the beach followed by fish and chips then an ice cream.

Munster Kids

Munster Kids Bug Face Hoodie at Alex and Alexa £42 £21 (-50%)

Munster Kids Creep & Crawl Swim Shorts at Alex and Alexa £37.50 and Little Hanbury £39.50 £29.50

Munster Kids Grey Jersey Dress at Alex and Alexa £52 £26 (-50%)

Munster Kids Space Tee at Alex and Alexa £25 £17.50 (-50%)

Munster Kids Aztec Shorts at Alex and Alexa £45.50 £13.50 (-70%)

Other shops that sell Munster Kids besides Alex and Alexa and Little Hanbury are Petithood, Surfdome, and Olive Loves Alfie.

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