Interview with Céline from Chamaléon

Meet Céline, the founder of the brand Chamaléon. Chamaléon is known for graphic, well designed and fun kids costumes, handmade in France. We love the indian head piece, the limited edition Halloween Spiderman mask and wristbands, and the Super Girl costume! We wanted to get to know a bit more about Céline and how this mom created Chamaléon kids costumes.

Here is her interview, an exclusive video featured on Yoyo Mom and also a promotional code just for you.

Are you a mom? Oh yes, of thre beautiful children ages 5, 8 and 11 years old! A girl and 2 boys.  What more could I ask for…

Chamaléon déguisements enfant

The ups and downs of being a Mom? Often I wake up and tell myself what an incredible chance I have! But sometimes, working from home doing the job I love and also having 3 kids, requires a lot of energy. I would love to be able to clone myself to be at 100% at everything I am doing.

Chamaléon déguisements enfant

What inspires and motivates you? My kids truly inspire me. I love watching my kids play and also participating with them.  We discover new things together, we build and make things and have a lot of fun.

Your essentials? My IPhone, my Fiscar scissors and scraps of cardboard.

Your beauty must-haves? I always try to make time for myself, but it’s not often the case. I use the day cream Ysthéal by Avène and the blush Almost Powder Makeup from Clinique.

Your favorite books or reads? At the moment I am reading the Trilogy of Jean Diwo « Les Dames du Faubourg » about the history of furniture. It’s fascinating!

Why/How did you create Chamaléon? I created my brand when I realized that I could live my passion if I  I gave the means. I saw in Chamaléon an excellent project that I could develop and nourish over time. Creating and developing a brand is exciting, even if the management of a company is quite demanding.

What is your dream for Chamaléon?  That my brand develops and is sustainable over time and that the Chamaléon collection will also grow!

Check out the new Chamaléon video exclusively on Yoyo Mom:

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Photo credits: Marine Poron & Sophie Bourgeix

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