Mini Rodini ♥ Colette

If you are a fan of kid’s independent fashion brands and concept stores then you probably already are familiar with Mini Rodini and Colette.  Cassandra Rhodin, the illustrator of Mini Rodini joins in with Colette to launch two limited edition organic cotton tops for kids.  Our kids love dolphins so this collaboration fits perfect with their own personal tastes.  We love Mini Rodini and Colette and we are also fans of the exclusive t-shirt and sweatshirt. They are available at Mini Rodini and also at Colette.  The sweatshirt sells for 50€ and the t-shirt for 30€.  If you like this collaboration, then we suggest you shop fast as they are almost all sold out!



mini-rodini-loves-colette collaboration

Image sur l’Instagram de Colette

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