Mine4Sure Back to School Giveaway!

The first day of school has already gone by, but we have still been busy shopping for the very last school products on the list such as book covers and colored pencils. There are always a few last minute things to shop!  After shopping for THE schoolbag that will hopefully last the entire year, I forgot to do one last thing… Label each and every pen, book, eraser, ruler, etc. This task is very time consuming!



At the last minute, I quickly went to the Mine4Sure website to find the quick solution for labelling everything! For my kids, the mini sticker labels were just perfect.  Last year I ordered a mix of labels for school supplies and also clothing. This year (fingers crossed) the kids will hopefully be a bit more tidy and not forget their jackets and sweatshirts at school.

The advantage: The delivery is very fast!  Therefore, Little G and Miss L were able to stick their own labels on each article just a few days after school had begun.  The stickers are also very easy to stick and unstick in case they are not exactly in the desired spot 😉 !

If you are also interested in these practical personalized labels for your baby or child we are offering you the chance to win the School Pack from Mine4Sure.


In order to  participate in our Mine4Sure Free Giveaway, just leave a comment below responding to the following question, “Are your kids happy to be back at school?” 

If you would like a second, third, fourth and/or fifth chance to win, you can also share this contest on your FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and/or Instagram page (with the hashtag : #mine4sure) and leave us an additional comment to let us know!

If you are a fan of Mine4Sure you can also join their Facebook page here for all their latest updates.

Please note that this contest is open worldwide until Monday September 14, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected among our A-qui-S French Giveaway and the Mine4Sure English Giveaway.



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Congratulations! Thank you for your participation! The winners will be contacted via email.

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  1. Our child is too young for school but we run a sort of “school” at the same time to start the process. She really enjoys it and thinks it is fun.

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