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Maison & Objet just celebrated their 20th birthday last week and it was a great pleasure to visit the Paris lifestyle, decoration and design salon for inspiration, discovering new products, and also meeting up close and personal several talented and creative designers.

At Maison & Objet there is practically an entire hall dedicated to kid’s design full of toys, decor, accessories and fashion.  I was very glad to discover the new collections of certain designers that we are already fans of including: Titlee, Clemence Cabanes, Macon et Lesquoy, My Little Day, OMY, and Blabla.  With the mix of new designers and also more established designers the salon offers an exciting meeting place for buyers and also those looking for inspiration.

Maison & Objet Must-Haves

Some very special products discovered at Maison & Objet include the magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng.


Tian Seng

Tian Seng

Enfance Paris presented for the first time with beautifully packaged 100% natural handmade soaps for kids: 0-3 years, 3-8 years, and 8-12 years. Each soap comes on a string in a reusable box with special ingredients specific for each age group.

Enfance Savon

Enfance Savon

Whole presented a line of organic wool birds, blankets, linens and towels for the home and family. Their techniques of natural hand dying allow for each product to be one of a kind and simply gorgeous. 

Whole Concept

whole concept

Mon Ballon Rouge, already known for their successful pineapple lamps and Goodnight Lights also launched cool posters, adorable super hero kids and bambi toys that define the new retro cool.

Mon Ballon Rouge

Mon Ballon Rouge

Sweetheart Dolls

Mimi’lou makes all things necessary for decorating kid’s rooms from wall stickers, bedding, cushions, and other decorations.  This group of talented designers is a favorite for DIY moms and their kids. We cannot wait for the launch of their new collection at Monoprix this Monday!

Mimi Lou

Rose in April makes a line of very sweet and girly interior decorations. They are known for their adorable embroidered hand baskets with punchy colored messages including: “Keep Cool It’s Summer” and “Mon Petit Bazar”.

Rose in April

Rose in April

Annabel Kern exhibited with Le Marchand d’Etoiles and presented a lovely mix of fashion and pajamas for kids with Kern’s sweet line of graphic pillows, kid’s jewelry and other accessories.

Annabel Kern

Annabel Kern

Myum continues to produce yummy crochet fruits and veggies. Myum also now has a sweet tooth pillow which holds your kids tooth in it’s mouth while waiting for the fairy.

Myum crochet dent

Blabla continues growing strong with their collection of eco-friendly dolls, pillows and linens.  Their new rattle family for babies and kids and their striped dogs are the perfect little gift to offer.

blabla toys

blabla toys

Mathilde Cabanas designs a fun collection of greeting cards, invitations, gift wrap and posters.  She also makes “Bisou” rice paper tape that we want for packing gifts.

Mathilde Cabanas

Mathilde Cabanas

My Little Day not only made a super installation at the entrance of the salon for the 20th birthday of Maison et Objet, but they also continue to surprise us with their line of party goods that are perfect for adult and kid parties.

My Little day

Designer Séverine from Titlee creates jewelry that we want to wear everyday.  She also has a kids collection called Little Titlee. Love, love, love!

Titlee bijoux

Titlee bijoux

Little Titlee

Clemence Cabanes designs fabulous leather headbands, hair pins, jewelry and other accessories in a very nice color palette. The owl bangle is a big hit whenever I wear it!

Clemence Cabanes

Last but not least, I was very happy to see the work of Nendo the Japanese Design Studio that was presented with the Designer of the Year Award. The  26 x 26 x 26mm 3-D printed chocolates are amazing and the peel away sticker calendar is also a must-have!


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