After Black Friday and all of the Cyber Sales, it’s also important to get back to the reality of how independent fashion designers work hard and struggle to make eco-conscious clothing with our children’s future and the planet in mind.  It is also important to remember that young companies must also make a living and in order to do so, they must sell clothing at the right price.

One brand comes particularly to mind as being eco-friendly and transparent in their ethics. Designed in Finland, crafted with GOTS-certified organic cotton and manufactured according to SA8000 standards in India, Mainio,  communicates very clearly how their entire production process is done.

“Established in 2014, Mainio is a Helsinki based design company that creates sustainable kids & womenswear. Mainio puts sustainability at the core of everything that it does. Mainio’s mission is to create sustainable clothing that is boldly designed, well-made, durable and can be used and loved for a long time. Mainio’s unique design philosophy lies in its rich prints, surprising color combinations, and relaxed looks.”

Mainio baby fashion

Mainio’s original color combinations and prints can sometimes be surprising. Once worn on a child and even an adult, the fashion is refreshing, fun, and very cool.

The new Mainio Fall Winter collection is inspired by Jazz music. Imagine the style of the roaring 20’s with muted colors, geometric patterns and cool personalities. Mainio’s All That Jazz collection is full of musical inspiration.


Little G is wearing the Jazz Zip Hoodie and the Jazz sweatpants.  Mainio kids fashion

Little G is wearing the Dandy Sweatshirt and the Slim Fit Sweatpants.

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