Little House on the prairie

Little House on the Prairie Kids Fashion

Do you remember the books or perhaps the television series from the 1970s, The Little House on the Prairie? It seems that even in today’s digital age, the pioneer lifestyle in America during the nineteenth century can be very influential or inspiring, especially in regards to children’s fashion! The idea of no seasonal fashion and a timeless dress style is appealing. You can see silhouettes inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s style in fashion magazines and Instagram posts. Ruffled skirts and dresses, adorable hats, and large collars in a saffron, brown and an overall earthy colour palette have become the focus for quite a few children’s fashion brands. Today, it’s quite common to find modern outfits inspired by the Little House on the Prairie and pioneer fashion. Discover our favorites for boys, girls and babies! Then don’t forget the accessories, especially the braids with beautiful ribbons on the ends. 😉

La petite maison dans la prairie
Little House on the Prairie inspired kids fashion
NOVA NATURAL Sturdy Stilts / Liquette Rothko en lin natural /
NAILMATIC Peach Gun Kids Organic Soap / PETIT BATEAU Hat / CYRILLUS Linen and Cotton Bermuda Shorts / MARALEX Henri Derbies /CLARKS Oak Suede Street Chelsea Boots
Le look "La petite maison dans la prairie" mode fille
CYRILLUS Western Style Blouse / SUNCHILD Flores Bob Safran Hat / BONTON Flowers Scarf / BUHO Laura Long Dress / PAADE MODE Cotton Blouse Alice / TAMBERE Cotton and Rayon Dress / OLLI ELLA Little Apple Basket / NUMERO 74 Ava Maxi Skirt Dusty Pink / FITH Boater Hat / BILLIEBLUSH Braided Leather Flats 
Le look "La petite maison dans la prairie" mode bébé
FIVE / ELEVEN Japonese bows silver / POUDRE ORGANIC Jasmin Baby Beguin Hat / MOLLI MOLLI Wool Baclava / BELLE ENFANT Blouse with a Peter Pan Collar /  H&M Cotton Jumpsuit /  LITTLE CREATIVE FACTORY Washi Bloomers / TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT Shirt Onesie / LA REDOUTE Bloomers Made in France / H&M Cotton Baby Suit / CLOTAIRE Agnane Boots / NATALYS Vanilla Printed Bib / DONSJE Lilo Leather Sandals

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