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Have you heard of the website Les Ouvreuses? What is an ouvreuse? An ouvreuse is a sort of “usher” someone who guides you and assures that you will be comfortably installed.  Les Ouvreuses do exactly this by offering their audience the opportunity to discover and reserve specific cultural activities for their children each week.  Not only during school vacation, but also during the year, when visiting Paris, or on the weekend, les Ouvreuses is full of ideas and propositions.   Read more about the founders of this website and their inspirations and aspirations for les Ouvreuses.

Are you a Mom?
Les Ouvreuses, are in reality three Moms:

One of us is in charge of all bureaucratic and administrative tasks, and she happens to have two daughters.

The other is very active in communication and is busy with institutional meetings and writing for the website. She is also at the head of the army with 4 daughters!

Last but not least, there is the mom that is in charge of the brand’s image and the graphic identity of the website. With her are two daughters and a son.

Overall, Les Ouvreuses, are three Moms, 8 girls and 1 boy…

Les Ouvreuses - Entretien Les Ouvreuses - Entretien

Les Ouvreuses - Entretien

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?
Like all moms, we are extremely busy and can get overwhelmed. We never have enough time (unfortunately the days last only 24 hours!) or energy and sometimes it’s easy to loose motivation when spending time with the family. However, the best moments are actually when we take it slow.The time to discover beautiful things, the time to discuss, the time to play… We all agree that the ultimate joy of a mother is to see her children grow and flourish, opening the field of possibilities and allowing our children to build themselves. This is the reason, that we want them to discover culture while having fun.

What motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration?
What motivates us is precisely the quality of these moments spent with our children. A sweet mixture of enchantment, learning and complicity.

How did you create Les Ouvreuses?
Les Ouvreuses was born from a simple observation:
Enjoying the cultural life with a family in Paris is a real challenge.

Between permanent and temporary exhibitions, confidential concerts, independent plays, not to mention the complexity of booking, it can be a challenge to find alternatives to playing in the park. We set out to make this possible, simple, fast and brilliant. With just a few clicks on Wednesdays, weekends and holidays, Les Ouvreuses offers a selection of cultural activities for your children from ages 4 to 12 years old.

We select and test our activities and sell them at the last minute (10 days before each event). Because even if we try to be super organized, it doesn’t prevent us from making decisions on a whim! Culture is easy, fun and interesting and it allows everyone to dream, to escape, and to imagine.


Please tell us a little more about Les Ouvreuses…

Les Ouvreuses is a visit to the Palais de Tokyo, a guided tour of the Conciergerie, a concert in the auditorium of the Maison de la Radio, a performance at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, a visit to the Dapper Museum … and many other outings with our forty of our partners. Les Ouvreuses is the cultural richness of Paris offered each week by alternating workshops, cinemas, live shows, concerts, and guided tours.

Les Ouvreuses is a curated box office for children. We mainly address Parisian parents who are always in a hurry and not always familiar with cultural institutions.

What are your ambitions or goals for Les Ouvreuses?
Our goal is to become a reference for all family cultural events.

What are your essentials for the family?
A maximum of things on the Internet to gain as much time as possible without skimping on quality! We often find our shopping paradise at Smallable, the best birthday party goods at My Little Day, and Drive for everyday grocery shopping without wasting time. Then obviously there is LesOuvreuses.fr. It would be a pity if all overworked moms didn’t consider our website! It’s a true gold mine… 🙂

Can you recommend any nice places you like in Paris for Mom?  We love the restaurant le Coretta along the Martin Luther King Park (we are never far away from a park!). Magnificent interior design and original menu, delicious!La coretta

Can you recommend any nice places you like in Paris for kids?
There are nice kid-friendly restaurants all over Paris.

What we enjoy is finding a moment, for example, the weekend and brunch all together. On Les Ouvreuses, for each activity we also propose local restaurants, monuments and walking plans in the neighborhood. This allows everyone to enjoy the moment with their children.

Thank you!

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