La Lalla Doll

La Lalla Dolls – The doll that looks like your child!

Once upon a time in a little town in Poland, a mother looked high and low for a very special doll for her daughter.  This original doll is the La Lalla Doll!

“Children want to live in a world of fantasy and fairy-tales. What can we do to take them into that dream world? Let’s create La Lalla – a twin doll for every little princess!”

La Lalla makes dolls that ressemble your child with a large selection of clothes and matching outfits for your child and also for adults. The high quality dolls are made in Spain and they smell like sweet vanilla. The clothes are all designed and sewn in Poland.

How does La Lalla work? On the La Lalla website it is very easy to select your doll of choice. Various options are given including hair color and length, eye color, skin color and also a choice of a boy or girl doll. Once your doll is added to the shopping cart, you then can select the doll’s outfit along with the matching child’s outfit.  Whichever outfit you wish to choose for your La Lalla doll, you will get the identical outfit for your child!

On the website you can also purchase other clothes including dresses, swimsuits, pajamas, coats, and more. The dolls are quite affordable (most dolls are all under 50€ with the outfit) and can make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts.

After ordering our doll, we were happily surprised to receive our package within just a few days.  In a large, pink box with an easy to open ribbon, Miss L (our little cousin) discovered her sweet little doll. At first she was very surprised to see a doll that somewhat reassembles her and after just a few minutes she started to walk around hand in hand with her doll and play “house” with her older brother! So cute!

La Lalla Doll

La Lalla Doll

La Lalla Doll

La Lalla Doll

La Lalla Doll

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  1. So cute! We are thrilled seeing your happy extended family 😉 Greetings from Poland. 🙂

  2. I would like to order a doll like 26 inches that looks like my grand daughter

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