Do you Koa Koa? The Cool Activity Box for Kids

During the holiday vacation we are keeping our kids busy with the cool Koa Koa activity box.  With science and spy activities on the Christmas wishlist Koa Koa really appeals to kids who love DIY building and creative activities. Although Miss L can participate in the Koa Koa activity all by herself it’s always nice to keep an eye on each step and to participate in the activities together.  We suggest doing all Koa Koa activities with your kids as an excellent moment for parent child quality time.

As we are fans of communication, we decided to test the Sound Transmission Box.  What we love about this Koa Koa box are the super solid wood pieces that are easy for kids to handle and the fun and original designs. Miss L was delighted to construct her very own Door Bell which is now going to be hanging at the entrance of her room!

We made the second activity with Little G. He enjoyed building a string phone to play different notes like a guitar.  These two activities in the box were perfect for both kids to participate in!


Other Koa Koa boxes include themes of bugs, wind, air, space optics, and the human body.  The choices are very interesting and the prices are very reasonable with 2 boxes per month for 25€!!!  We want them all!

What boxes are your favorites!?

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