Kids Fashion Trend: Quilted Fabric

This season one trend we see among several designers is the use of quilted fabrics.  Quilted fabrics are very soft and somewhat “pillowy” with comfort the number one priority.  We not only see quilted fabrics among winter jackets and coats but also among sweatshirts, trousers, and even soft cotton dresses. For those of you who do not know exactly what quilted fabric clothing is, it is an article that usually is sewn together with two or more layers often in a diamond shaped pattern that adds a padded, slightly puffy effect.

Discover our quilted fashion must-haves for babies, boys and girls!

For boys:


BLA BLA MONKEY Tiger Jacket, 95€ ☆ KIDS ON THE MOON Grey Poncho, 77,50€  at My Little Square ☆ IMPS & ELFS Padded Hooded Sweatshirt, 34,17€ at SMALLable ☆ ZARA Trousers with quilted knees, 16,95€ ☆ GAP Quilted Bomber Jacket, $49.95 $31.99 ☆ SOFT GALLERY Unisex Ryan Quilted Sweatshirt in Jet Black, $78 at Hello Alyss ☆ PEPE Empire Sneakers at Elias & Grace £118 £47.20

For Girls:


Chalk Building Blocks Tadashi Sano, 2011 at the MOMA Store, $38 ☆ TALC Yellow Cat Ear Barrettes, 20€ at SMALLable ☆ Head in the Stars Perfecto Jacket BLUNE PARIS at SMALLable & My Little Square ☆ EMILE & IDA Brown Crown Tights, $46 at Ladida ☆ PETIT BATEAU Quilted tubic jersey dress, 53,48€ at Melijoe ☆ BONTON Glitter Barrettes, 12€ ☆ BONTON Mini Glitter Bag, 19€ at SMALLable ☆ MINA SHOES Ziggy Studded Brogues at My Little Square, 62€ 31€

For Babies:

PETIT BATEAU Reversible Sleeping Bag, 84,49€ at Melijoe ☆ BABY BAAZAAR Tiger quilted blanket, $74 at Sweet William ☆ CARAMEL BABY & CHILD Quilted Romper, 72,84€ at SMALLable ☆ Croco Baby Body BLA BLA MONKEY, 31,50€ ☆ LOUIS LOUISE Plume Baby Stars Jacket, $136 at Thumbeline ☆ APRIL SHOWERS Stars Cover, 71€ at SMALLable ☆ BLUNE PARIS Jogging Trousers, 28€ ☆ FERM LIVING Green Teepee Quilted Blanket & Pillow at Alex and Alexa ☆ IMPS & ELFS Padded Jogging Pants, 30,95€ at Till Twelve

Top Image : BACABUCHE Quilted Sweatshirt, $65 at Barney’s New York ☆ IMPS & ELFS Padded Hoodie, 41€ at Till Twelve ☆ MILK ON THE ROCKS Indian Wolf Sweatshirt, 50,83€ 30,50€ ☆ GAP Quilted Track Pants, $29.95 ☆ IMPS & ELFS Padded Jogging Pants, 30,95€ at Till Twelve ☆ SOFT GALLERY Quilted Black Pants, £45 at Milly Mog

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