Winter Soft Skin… Some Products We Recommend!

The winter cold has set in and our children have dry, sensitive skin.  In order to avoid too much irritation and keep our children’s skin as soft as soft can be, we have a few products that we would like to recommend. Even though most of these products are made especially for children, it’s hard to resist using some of them for ourselves too!

Our Kid’s Daily Skin Care Regimen 

For our kids we are currently using the Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Body Lotion and Face Cream.   This line is relatively new on the market and it’s texture and odor free scent make it just right. We especially like the face cream because there are very few natural creams on the market made especially with children face’s in mind.  We are using the face cream in the morning before school and also at night under the nose because of runny, red noses in the day.  We recommend both the lotion and cream for babies and kids. It’s hydrating and calming and in the meantime, we also happen to be using this brand’s Wild Rose cream for ourselves.


Little G and Miss L also use the Hip Peas Shampoo & Body Wash in the bath and once out of the bath, the Hair Detangler spray as a conditioner. Our kids love the Hip Peas grape scent and we love that the products are ever so practical. All the details are well thought out from the unbreakable bottle that does not squirt the entire contents out in one go, to the soap that is thick and not too watered down, but is also gentle on the eyes, Hip Peas is practical and also free of parabens, sulfates(SLS), petrochemicals, and phthalates.  They also give 10% of all profits to child-focused charities. The ideal product neatly packaged in a bottle!


Kids Beauty Products that are also great for Mom!

For us moms, our daily beauty routine includes using the Naif Nourishing Shampoo an absolute favorite for ourselves although it’s made for kids! It’s gentle enough for babies (and adults!). This shampoo leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean and not dried out.

We love the handmade Daliane AUGUSTINE Soap with natural donkey milk (Yes !). It’s “au naturel”, gentle on the skin and extremely moisturizing. We also recently discovered Enfance, a new collection of bath soap for kids and we cannot wait to try it out on the entire family.

naif care

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