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Free Giveaway JACKALO | Durable Organic Play Clothes for Kids

Children’s independent fashion brands and parent consumers believe in the importance of taking care of our children as well as the environment. Eco-friendly, organic materials are becoming the norm and the higher price to pay is worth the investment especially when there is the quality and consciousness behind the product.

As a family-run company, founder Marianna Sachse, firmly believes in limiting the impact we have on our planet for our children. This is why the brand Jackalo caught my eye!

jackals Eco-friendly kids clothes

Marianna communicates the importance of building a relationship with her company and it’s clients by upcycling all clothing.  This is not an empty promise or message.  Sachse provides suggestions, tips and aid for maintaining clothing the longest possible.  She also offers clients the possibility to send back old items in exchange for a 20% discount on a future purchase. With the old pair of trousers, it will be repaired and resold on the site for a discount.

Overall the concept is simple, yet it doesn’t exist in an honest straight forward way which Jackalo offers.

So what about the style?

The Jackalo collection contains unisex, worker’s style trousers that support the wear and tear, as well as growth of active children. The designs are unique and appeal to children in kid friendly colors. All pieces are staples, designed and constructed in Europe. Even when they do wear out they often have the appeal of being lightly worn or used, in a stylish way.

jackalo kids trousers

jackalo kids trousers


If you are as intrigued by Jackalo as Yoyo Mom is, please do not hesitate to enter to win your very own perfect Jackalo trousers. You won’t be disappointed! Just fill out the form below to enter. You will most likely want to buy another pair once you’ve tried these… Jackalo also offers an awesome combinaison for Mom that I’ve fallen in love with!

This contest is open until Thursday November 29th at midnight (GMT+1).  Please feel free to share this contest with your friends! If you want a second chance to win, you can simply join the Instagram pages: @jackalo et @yoyomommag. Don’t forget to mention that you have done so in a comment below. Two winners will be selected randomly on Friday November 30th.

Good luck!

jackalo kids trousers




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