Interview with Anne & Karoline from Very French Gangsters

Meet Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger from Very French Gangsters.  We are big fans of this brand that makes optical glasses and sunglasses for kids and adults.  With their modern yet vintage style glasses, these two women succeed in helping kids love glasses!  No more tears when bringing our children to the eye doctor… We can only thank you ladies! We are also extremely satisfied to not have to “sacrifice” the look of our children when they put on their glasses.


Are you a Mom?

Karoline : Yes I have two daughters.  Joséphine, soon to be 8 years old and Jeannette who is almost 4.

Anne : Yes I have two children. Blanche is 7 years old and Oscar is 2 years old.



The ups and downs of being  a Mom?

Karoline : To see my pasta necklace collection growing makes me happy. However, sometimes the feeling that I am a human taxi makes me a bit less happy…
Anne : The ups: my children laughing, their benevolence and curiosity. The downs: Dinner time, when my kids are extremely tired and tend to have fits for everything and anything.

What motivates you?

Karoline : VERY FRENCH GANGSTERS is a bit like our third child. We don’t have a routine and we always have to adapt. Sometimes, its exhausting, but also very inspiring and passionate.

Anne : I am totally in agreement with Karo!!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Karoline : There are no rules.

Anne : Everywhere.


How did you create Very French Gangsters ? 

We were lucky that both of our daughters needed glasses.  As “you are never better served than by yourself”, we created our own brand. We wanted it to be above all beautiful, well- made ​, and with a fun communication to make wearing glasses for children easy and undramatic.

What is your dream for Very French Gangsters? 

Karoline : To become a reference in the children’s eyewear market.


What are your must-haves for the entire family (for dad, mom, and/or the kids) including beauty, fashion, accessories, books, websites, etc.?

Karoline : The Santa Maria de Novella hydrating cream! Nothing is better than this!  Our VFG glasses that are good for little eyes. Our vegetable juice shots in the morning to start the day off right.

Anne : Our glasses that include models for the entire family. The Edoki children’s apps by 3 Elles that are based on the Montessori pedagogy. They allow for car trips to be calm and serene. Our family house in Normandy where we escape during the weekend allowing us to relax and the children to understand that vegetables do not come from a box!!

Can you recommend any special spots or things to do in Paris for Moms and Dads?

Karoline : Releasing the stress thanks to classes at Yoga Bikram (15, rue Simon Le Franc 75004 PARIS)

Sipping the divine cocktails at the China (50 rue de Charenton 75012 PARIS). For me, this is one of the most romantic spots!

Relaxing with a traditional Thai massage at Ban Thai Spa (20 rue Dauphine 75006 PARIS).

Anne : Having a drink at Pershing Hall (49 rue Pierre Charron 75008 PARIS), disconnection guaranteed. The vertical wall garden is just sublime.


Can you recommend any special spots or things to do in Paris for kids?

Karoline : The sewing workshops at Café Mercerie (6 rue du Pré Saint Gervais 93260 LES LILAS for young and old with my dear friend Claudia and the Kids Festival at the cinema Le Trianon in Romainville.

Anne : The Skatepark des fillettes (Impasse des Fillettes. 75018 Paris)An ideal spot for kids that want to discover skateboarding.  Good energy and ambiance guaranteed and even the parents can participate… or watch!!


A huge thank you to Karoline and Anne for responding to our interview and also sharing with us their tips in Paris! 

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