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Interview with Laura from Colchik

Laura Moustacakis is a mother and designer of the kids fashion brand Colchik. The idea behind her brand is “slow factory for everyday luxury.” The Colchik children’s collection features staple pieces that can be worn throughout the changing seasons and also last long enough to be passed down to siblings. Meeting Moustacakis at the Kid Shows in Paris was an opportunity to encounter her lifestyle beliefs and gentle nature that intermingle with her timeless designs, clear color choices and slow fashion designs.

Designed in Germany and produced locally and responsibly in Portugal, her collection does not contain flyaway trends, but rather temporel high quality garments. Almost every piece is unisex, easy to wear and also to mix and match.  Colchik is inspired by vintage work wear and school uniforms with practical pockets and sturdy refined, modern fabrics.

Are you a Mom? Yes! I am a mother to three boys: Zephir, Felix and Ulysse. Zephir and Felix are 9 year old fighting twins! Ulysse is 5 years old and he’s a little bit like the hyphen between the two other boys!

Kids Fashion Brand - Colchik

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?
Our family life is never like a peaceful flowing river, our three boys are still very agitated, despite having calmed down over time!  I love having my children nearby, to be together, to I also enjoy educating them and trying to install good values and a certain taste for nature and all things beautiful.  I love seeing my kids together, their intimate relationship as brothers is powerful.  But on the other hand, there is always the other things: fights, arguments, moments when nothing seems to be right… but I’m very lucky by nature, I’m positive and I only seem to remember good things!

Laura Moustacakis Interview

Why did you create your brand Colchik? I created Colchik because it didn’t exist!  I always remain true to my tastes.  Creating a fashion collection was very liberating for me.  I’m reassured that the clothing that I love will continue to exist and I would like to share this proposition with others.

Colchik children's fashion brand

Kids Fashion Brand - Colchik

What inspires and motivates you? I believe that my first motivation is aesthetics. A daily aesthetic, is very important to me.  I enjoy finding the balance between beauty and utility. In my opinion, the home, food and clothing are three necessities and I find that clothes are not deeply thought about today.  People buy many things, they accumulate then they throw them away.  With Colchik I would like to propose thinking about clothing differently. A few years ago, we spent 18 months in China with our three boys. This trip taught us how to reduce our needs and reach for the essential.  This was an experience that I cherish and follow each and every day at work.

What is your dream for Colchik? Colchik is founded on an original idea: a permanent collection.  I have worked a very long time on a business model in order to attain a certain perfection: both for the design and the cut.  Therefore, the Colchik models are everlasting in the true sense of the term:  they escape time and are not meant to disappear after 6 months of life.  My dream would be that a child wears the Colchik jacket today and then will purchase the adult size in 20 years time, this would be magnificent!


Kids Fashion Brand - Colchik

What are your must-haves for the entire family?   We aren’t big consumers but we still have a few must-haves including Le Collégiens slippers or Petit Bateau basics! In terms of cosmetics, I guess you could say that we have adopted the brand Weleda as it is gentle on kids, parents and also respects the environment!  Some of the most important objects that I cherish are books that accompany us since the children were babies. I enjoy books that we can read over and over again.  Our favorite series is 4 Seasons by Melanie Ruten. It is a true concentration on life, beautifully written and illustrated.

Melanie Rutten

What do you recommend doing in Berlin/ Potsdam with kids or for parents? Berlin is an ideal family destination, everyone can enjoy this city, parents, children and also teenagers… The greatest pleasure, that mustn’t be missed is swimming in the lakes. My favorite lake is the Heiligersee, directly in Potsdam’s city center. It is very green and you can swim surrounded by trees and castles, it’s truly extraordinary! In Berlin, the Natural History Museum is magnificent.  We also enjoy visiting the flea market on Arkona Platz on Sunday morning.  There is a large playground for children and several nice cafés for parents.  Overall in Berlin, it’s necessary to take your time and enjoy discovering and meeting people.

Thank you Laura!

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