Interview Isabelle de Wanderworld

Interview with Isabelle from Wanderworld

Isabelle Morin is the founder of WanderWorld, a company that offers creative and fun travel diaries for children ages 5 and up. Made in France, each notebook is an invitation to discover and develop a child’s curiosity before, during and after a trip.

Today, Isabelle also offers personalised diaries as well as other notebooks for adults. Meet Isabelle…

Are you a Mom? Yes, I have 3 children ages 17, 15 and 7 years old.

What are the up and downs of being a Mom? The most difficult thing, like all working moms, is to find a balance between professional life and family/personal life. We have no family within 400 kilometers which makes it a bit complicated on a daily basis. However, as our children grow older, it gets easier. My husband is often abroad for his work, so the day-to-day often depends on me.

We had difficulties having our children. We adopted our first child and our second child had to have surgery at birth for a severe heart defect, so having all 3 children today is a source of joy and happiness, inexhaustible happiness. I was really “made” to be a mom, seeing them flourish makes me happy even though it takes a lot of energy (especially as a teenager 😉).

What inspires and motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration?
My children are of course a great source of inspiration. Watching them grow up is such a rich lesson. I also like to read, listen to podcasts, travel … I’m quite curious and open to the world and I feed off that.

How did you create WanderWorld ? Where does the name come from? I created WanderWorld in 2017. We had the chance to take a family trip around the world in 2011, during which I invited (or encouraged) the children to write their travel diaries, like my parents did with me when I was a kid. Years later, this notebook is a real treasure, filled with authentic anecdotes. I leaf through mine and those of my children with so much tenderness.

This gave me the idea of developing pretty travel diaries that would allow children to be actors during their travels allow them to keep a written record of these precious moments in life with the family.

With the current health crisis, our activity has slightly pivoted and we now offer notebooks that have no connection with travel, such as the love notebook. I love paper as a keeper of important moments in our lives. And I also believe that our memories deserve better than being kept just in our phones. What will be left if not in 5, 10 or 30 years?

WanderWorld contains the verb “wander” and the world “world”. WanderWorld is therefore a brand that is an invitation to discover the world which for me is wonderful.

What are your best sellers? What’s new for WanderWorld? Before Covid, our best seller was the Paris Travel Diary. This summer, we also had numerous orders of the “France” Travel Diary.

Our new product is our love story book which is for all couples, we are always on a journey, but that of love … is also a true adventure.

To be completed as a couple and then kept, this notebook offers a tender moment of bonding and allows you to take time and get back to the essentials of a family: the couple. Because we are not just parents! 😊

How it all started, what were the great moments in our history, our first times but also our plans for the future, shared sweet words …

It’s a great gift idea to give to your other half, for Valentine’s Day, a wedding or anniversary (this year, I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary!).

What is your best vacation memory? There are so many 😊. One of the most unforgettable is without a doubt the day we broke the air conditioning in our car in Oman in May. It was 45 ° and it was 10:30AM! By asking for help, we were greeted for a day by an Omani family who shared with us their meals, their way of life, and their culture. In the evening when collecting the car from the small garage in the village, we had the impression of having spent more than just a day here.

This welcome without prejudices or ulterior motives gave us a great lesson in humanity.

What is your dream trip? I dream of discovering Polynesia with my family. My daughter was very marked by Vaiana 😉.

I would also like to discover the South Island of New Zealand. We spent 15 days on the North Island during our world tour.

In the meantime, I also love the beautiful hikes in the Pyrenees where when you reach the top, you feel like the king/queen of the world.

Your essentials for the family? I can’t imagine our family without books and board games.

We played La Bonne Paie a lot (like many families). But the game we have played the most is Memory. I even made one out of pictures of our family that I gave to my daughter for Christmas. We also had a puzzle phase that brought the whole family together on a common project.

The simplest game that requires no hardware (and can occupy for miles!) Is “Who Am I?”. A person has to think of someone the whole family knows and the other members ask yes or no questions in order to guess who this person is.

Our family loves to play games which has actually saved us during the strict confinement last spring when we played for up to 4 hours a day! At the moment, we are very fond of a game called Catan. Even my 7 year old daughter can play it.

Books are also essential. My children have always subscribed to magazines from Pomme d’Api to Phosphore or La Croix Campus. We also like to go once a month to the library to discover new authors.

As for me, I am an avid reader even if I regret not having enough time and having to reserve reading for my vacation (or confinement) periods. When I was 13, I fell in love with Zola’s “Au Bonheur des dames” and I read all the Rougon Macquart books. As part of my studies I must have read a lot. I read so much for years that I also took a break for a few years.

Today, I devour the works of Joel Dicker and Agnès Ledig. A few books that will remain engrained in my memory are “Como agua para chocolate“, “Jamais sans ma fille” and “La Massaï blanche“. My father, a huge reader (and writer), also shares his tips with me and it was he who introduced me to the talented Yasmina Khadra. The book “l’Attentat” is a must.

I listen to the Le Gratin podcast quite regularly for the entrepreneurial aspect and also Génération Do It Yourself and the Podcast du Marketing. I also had my moment of listening to Bliss Stories. A podcast like this would have helped me so much when we were having problems with infertility or during the pregnancy and then the difficult birth of my son.

And for children, my daughter loves Mythes et Légendes.

When it comes to travel, there’s nothing like a good playlist to (try to) avoid arguments!

For car trips, its essential to have a good play list on the phone … because music make things flow better! The Lunii is also an essential to occupy the children when travelling … with our travel diaries. 😊

When traveling with a baby, the backpack is a must have! Ours was used both in the mountains and in the city: in the large pocket, we could put diapers, nibbles, water … Very practical.
I still always carry colored pencils, sheets of paper and a deck of cards in my bag.

On a daily basis, the Thermomix is also my best ally.

Do you have any good tips or places in Paris or in your city to recommend for parents? My last crush (before the Covid) was the Atelier des Lumières. Otherwise, the musée de l’Orangerie is a marvel that I will never tire of.

Do you have any good tips or places in Paris or in your city to recommend for children? We arrived in Paris 7 years ago and discovered the city through the eyes of tourists. We were amazed at all the monuments in the City of Light.

When visiting Paris with the children (in 2014 my children were 10, 7 and 1 years old) the ideal is to take a hop on hop off bus. We also liked the cruise on the Seine. Seeing all the monuments scroll before your eyes is magical.

For children, the Cité des sciences, the Jardin d’Acclimatation and the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution are essential. You will find others in our Paris travel diary. 🙂

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