Interview with Helga from iglo+indi

Helga is the designer of baby and children’s brand iglo+indi. We feel very familiar with her just by seeing, wearing and touching her fashion collections because she adds her personal touch, her origins and her inspirations from her children throughout the clothes.

Baby Helga
Helga when she was a baby.

Describe your typical day.
My day starts with my three children: Viktoría Þóra (13), Baldvin (10) and Indíana Svala (2) and my husband Jón Haukur. I wake up at 7.00, take a good shower, make breakfast and prepare all the kids for school. It is very nice time with everyone together at the dining table, talking and playing our favourites songs from the iPad.
Then I go to work. My days at work are never the same. I am working on two collections at same time; one is in production and then a new collection in the design process.
After work my kids come home from school and we do homework, sports and prepare dinner. Then the evenings are used for working again or relaxing.

Helga and Indi at work

How did you begin iglo+indi ? Where does the name come from?
Being a mother of creative children, I find myself constantly picking up their creative work. One day, as I was going through piles of artwork by my eldest daughter, one drawing drew my attention in particular. It contained two small creatures: a boy holding hands with his little sister in a magical landscape. The little children were both wearing hooded coats as if seeking shelter from the wind and the cold. There they were…  independent, cosy and content in a world of their own. I named the boy Iglo and the girl Indi. His name, I made up whereas the name Indi comes from my great-grandmother.

iglo+indi is a manifestation of a creative state that children have easy access to; a place where the mind gets to roam free. A state we long to persevere, as we become adults. I truly believe all children are artists. They see colors, shapes and patterns as tools for creation, there are no limitations, only opportunities.

How do you see iglo+indi ten years from now?
When you love your work the time goes by too fast. After ten years iglo+indi will be a teenager ☺. Our ambition is to continue to grow our brand organically and create beautiful clothing in collaboration with great people. Our ultimate goal is to make iglo+indi become the brand that children all around the world choose to wear in work and play.

What motivates or inspires you? What is your inspiration for this Fall Winter collection?
Icelandic nature is amazing and magical; all the beautiful colors and the diversity of the landscape. I live by the sea and every morning I see the ocean and birds hovering above. The weather changes all the time. It is an endless source of inspiration. Reykjavik is growing very fast. I really love living the city life with the nature right on my doorstep. That is the mood I’m building my work on at the moment.

For the Autumn/Winter season 2015, I draw inspiration from the fascinating Arctic North. It’s captivating color palette includes shades of snowy white and grey. Different hues of pink are mixed in with green, arctic blue, navy and black, evoking the spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis) dancing across the sky.

The big AW15 news is the outerwear jacket in two colors with the little Eskimo girl and wolf print and the rainwear also in two colors with Iceland and wolf print. In Iceland outerwear is a big part of every child’s wardrobe so it has been our dream for many seasons to make outerwear.

Iglo + Indi

Iglo + Indi

Can you recommend any nice spots for Moms or parents in your hometown?
The outdoor swimming pool is the best both for winter and summer. The new hit is an ice tub for a few minutes. It is special made for the Icelandic Vikings.

Helga en vacance

Can you recommend any nice spots for kids in your hometown?
It is the same as above, the swimming pools are the best for kids.

Your essentials or must-haves (beauty, objects, keepsakes, food, etc.)?
My must-haves are good cream, my IPhone, sketchbook and Italian food.

Your favourite books, magazines, music?
I love coffee table books about art, architecture and design. I love them because I can read them again and again and always discover new things. My favourite magazine at the moment is The Gentlewoman, it is perfect balance of good interviews and fashion. For music I have to listen to music all the time. The first thing I do in the morning is to turn the music on. The best is to go to concerts. I get so much positive energy.

Do you have a special Mom tip or motto for us?
Kids are so different characters, but in general it is important to be patient, patient and positive. Encourage their self-esteem and help kids to feel good about themselves.

Thank you so much Helga!

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