Pigmée Interview

Interview with Florence, la créatrice de Pigmée

Florence Bories is the creator of Pigmée , a brand that fascinates us by the consistency of it’s universe. Each piece fits perfectly with the other to create a soft and warm cocoon. We have been following Pigmée since the start and we are delighted to see this independent brand continue to grow with their fresh, new online shop.   To celebrate this opening, all Yoyo Mom readers can receive 20% off the entire shop (with minimum purchase 40€) until October 25, 2015 with the code: YOYO.   Before discovering the new Pigmée E-Shop, you can take the time to learn a little more about Florence the designer of Pigmée who juggles her life as a mother and also business woman.

Are you a Mom? I am a mom of two boys: Lucas 7 years old and Oscar who is 2 and a half.


The Ups and Downs of being a Mom?  I am very emotional and easily touched by small things including a joke, a smile or a hug.   The role of being a Mom can sometimes be difficult when the kids have a hard time complying with the daily rituals such as brushing their teeth or getting dressed.


What motivates and/or inspires you?  It is important for me to feel good in my home, in a place of well being that the entire family shares.  My motivation is that each person feels at home. I try to find a balance between practicality and aesthetics and the harmony between parents and children.

Pigmée - ambiance 1

Why did you create Pigmée?  I started Pigmée when I was expecting my first child.  I had to revamp our housing situation and think a bit differently: the layout of the room with the necessary baby furniture, decorating the nursery, and forseeing the necessary items for baby…

I did not want to stereotype my baby, I imagined a cocoon in which it could grow and awaken in harmony with our adult universe.

Pigmée - ambiance 2

What is your dream for Pigmée? A long life.

Do you have any flagship Pigmée products?  The doll is the emblematic product for the brand. Kids of all ages easily adopt this doll and let their imagination go with it.

Pigmée - Making off 2

The tent is also one of our best sellers. It is designed to be a special cocoon that can easily move from inside to outside and vice versa.

Pigmée - Making off 1

What is the latest news or events for Pigmée?  The launch of our Pigmée E-Shop where you can find all of the latest models including exclusive Pigmée dolls: www.pigmee.com

What are your must-haves for the entire family (for dad, mom and the kids), whether it be beauty, fashion, accessories, books, websites, magazines, etc.?

  • the DVD the Jungle Book is a MUST!
  • the April Shower weekend bag that I have elected as my Mary Poppins bag.
  • the websites Yoyo Mom and My little kids for the latest news for families and kids.
  • I am a fan of MilK Magazine that communicated the latest trends and interests for parents and children.
  • and of course the Pigmée doll to accompany kids in all their adventures.

Can you recommend any places in Paris for parents?  The new co-work creche is a new space for young parents to work and also take care of their children.

Can you recommend any places in Paris for kids? With two children that have a large age gap, I tend to find places that can appeal to all ages. The Jardin des Plantes with the Grande Gallery of Evolution, the Jardin d’acclimatation and the Trocadero Aquarium offer varied activities whatever the weather. Libraries are also a good refuge for all ages.

Thank you Florence!

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