Fanny Grangier - Moodkit

Interview with Fanny – Moodkit Designer

Meet Fanny Grangier, Mom and also designer of the Moodkit, a pregnancy kit composed of several “second skin” garments to wear as you wish with your favorite clothes. We have been following this vibrant, young woman  from the very beginning of her brand and we are delighted to share with you more about Fanny.  When we were expecting, it was a pleasure to wear the Moodkit, the perfect gift for all expecting mothers! Just to let you know, the Moodkit comes in one universal size. It is modular and so comfortable that we even wear our Moodkits after pregnancy ;)!

Are you a Mom?
I am the mother of Swann who is now a grown up boy. He will be 12 this year.

Fanny Grangier - Moodkit

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?
To be a mother is to carry a positive life vision in order for your children to follow in your footsteps. For the downs of a Mom, I always tend to choose thin black stockings with lace garters to keep my man following me… 😉

Fanny Grangier - Moodkit

Fanny Grangier - Moodkit

What motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration everywhere and with everyone. I love guides and I see them in each one of you. My rare moments of isolation help me to collect my ideas and to put them in action.  I prefer to nourish myself from people, books, art and meeting people!  I am someone who listens more than I speak.

Fanny Grangier

You are also a writer?
Yes! I am a woman poet! I just published my first book of poetry under the pen name: La Chagrâce. You can discover my stylistic universe on my Instagram account or on my Facebook / Twitter / or Tumblr accounts. I use social networks to communicate my work using various supports: writing, photography and also video which greatly inspires me.

Why / How did you create the Moodkit?
I created the Moodkit because I wanted one for me! Even today, after 8 years of creating this brand, it is gratifying to help improve the comfort of pregnant women.  It is also amazing to have a new idea that does not exist anywhere else in the world.  The experience of entrepreneurship is difficult and intense, but it is also a wonderful life adventure.


What is your dream for the Moodkit?
Ah!! It’s about time that I find the magic marketing formula for this exceptional product that is not yet discovered by many women. It is the essential garment that all pregnant women will want to wear! For me it’s still very frustrating to have so many fans who love the Moodkit, yet there are so few women who have heard of it.

Moodkit Girls

What are your must-haves for the entire family (for dad, mom and the kids), whether it be beauty, fashion, accessories, books, websites, magazines, etc.? 
I have become intransigent on consumer goods and I try to strive for a happy sobriety. I am inspired by Pierre Rabhi’s books. I ‘m very careful about what I buy. I prefer organic and without packaging.  I read labels carefully to avoid endocrine disruptors. I avoid industrial products since I have read “Vous êtes fous d’avaler ça !” by Christopher Brusset.

Concerning Fashion, I am happy with just a few timeless and indestructible designer pieces, rather than letting myself be tempted by mass consumption at low prices. I buy only cultural magazines and I especially love listening to the radio. We are very lucky in France to have quality stations including France Inter, France Culture, and Radio libertaire where ideas abound!

Fanny Grangier

Can you recommend any places in Paris for parents?
I love my neighborhood in the 18th area of Paris with people from around the world and all generations. I recommend (especially when the weather is nice) the Brasserie Barbès terrace, long walks at the weekend market in Saint- Ouen including the Marché Paul Bert – Serpette and dining at Ma Cocotte. I also enjoy my sacred, Sacré Cœur that I love so much, overlooking the city and confronting her breath.

Can you recommend any places in Paris for kids?
Today my son is older so I no longer look for the same spots as before… Today, what counts are the parks with ping pong tables, basketball courts or skate ramps… and also brunch spots.  We often spend time in our neighborhood at Chez Marcel (Villa Léandre), Au Ruisseau (Rue du Ruisseau) or at Bob’s Bakery (Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute).

Thank you Fanny!

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