Dicken Schrader DMK

Interview with Dicken Schrader, DMK Video Artist

Meet Dicken Schrader. Also meet  Milah and Korben. With his two children, Dicken has become well known for forming his musical group called DMK.  We admire their work together, their happiness, and their new baby sister Lola (with mother Arlen Torres)!  

What’s a Mom ? A mom is the ship that helps you sail across the ocean of life. In a sea of uncertainty, she is the one and only steady surface you can depend on never sinking.

Dicken Schrader DMK

What’s a Dad / Are you a Dad ? A dad is the star that guides your ship. He provides you whith direction and clarity through your journey. And, yes, life has rewarded me with the blessing of playing guiding light to three curious and courageous little life explorers.

What are your Ups and Downs of being a Dad? The ups are the moments when you see your best qualities reflected on your kids. The downs are, without a doubt, the moments when you also see your defects.

What inspires or motivates you? your work? As an artist, I’m motivated by the process of creation and inspired by everything around me. I feel very lucky to be able to say that every morning I go to work to create something.

What made you interested in working with your kids? There’s nothing as rewarding as working with children, and even more so when they’re you’re own. Kids are your most focused and energetic teammates, and at the same time they’re your harshest critics. Their honesty keeps you real. They are also the most attentive audience.

How did you start your collaboration with DMK? It all happened very naturally. Music has always played a key role in our home, and the kids grew up listening to all kinds of music. It was no surprise that when I thought of doing Depeche Mode covers the kids already knew all the lyrics and melodies and were eager to sing and play them with me.

Can you tell us a little more about DMK and the future of DMK? When we began our little project our only interest was to keep a record of us doing something fun together throughout the years, something we could look back upon and share with family and friends. We never thought we would be one day giving interviews because of it. Everything about DMK has been so unexpected so far that I can’t really tell you what its future looks like. Maybe we’ll continue for another forty years, outlive Depeche Mode, and be inducted in the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame. But most likely, if you ask me, in a few of years when Milah becomes a teenager she’ll feel embarrassed to play in a band with her dad and her kid brother, and that’ll be the end of it.

What are your dreams? I dream of living long enough to be there when my kids become parents themselves.

Dicken Schrader DMK

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Bogota for Dad? for kids? I recommend for both kids and parents an activity that I do with Milah and Korben on Sunday mornings: we ride our bikes on the Ciclovía. This is actually a concept created right here in Bogotá during the early 80’s that has been implemented in many cities around the world ever since, in which some of the city’s main avenues are closed for riding bicycles, skates, jogging, and doing all kinds of sports. It’s a very fun and healthy activity for the entire family. If you’re a tourist you can rent a bike and ride it safely across the city, there’s no better way to get to know Bogotá. When you get thristy, I highly recommend you to try the quintessential ciclovía refreshment: a cup of salpicón, which is a delicious fruit cocktail made with watermelon, tangerine, papaya, banana and other tropical delicacies.

Check out DMK’s You Tube Page and one of our favorite videos:

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