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Interview with Cécile Roederer from SMALLable

Cécile Roederer is the founder and CEO of the family concept store SMALLable. Cécile is also a married mother living in Paris. Her positive attitude, her perseverance at work and her abilities to run a business while at the same time enjoying her family, inspire us. Let’s meet Cécile.

Are you a Mom? Yes, I am a mother of two children, Charles who is 11 years old and Nina who is 4 years old.

Photo : Olivier Reneau

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom? The feeling of not spending enough time with my children, my family, my friends, or being too busy with the job. Of course, I may have missed certain moments, but I try to be 100% available, serene and happy when I am with my kids. Fortunately, my office and my apartment are not far away, which makes my life easier. I have an excellent nanny, a great team to lean on, and my husband (who I work with) helps me a lot. I’m also a very organized person. 🙂 Overall, we are actually doing pretty well.

What inspires or motivates you? Lots of things that we collect and sometimes consume without realizing it, such as books, trips, images… These influences mingle, react with each other, enrich themselves and build our style, and in the case of Smallable, our selection. We work as a team. Everyone is open to contributing their ideas and sharing their discoveries. This is one of the most stimulating facets of our business, finding new designers, and building an assortment that makes sense and that fits into SMALLable’s universe.

Why/How did you create Smallable ? Where does the name come from? At the time, I didn’t have a child, but I noticed around me that young active parents were running out of time and that on weekends, they didn’t necessarily want to go shopping with their children nor without their children! I wanted to create a concept store and work in a universe that suited me and in which I could flourish.

For the name, we thought that our clientele was not going to be only French (more than 60% of our clients live outside France), so we looked for an Anglo-Saxon name related to our universe, a name bearing the idea that beautiful things are not only reserved for adults, that children also have a right to beauty. An evocative and at the same time unique name.

What are your ambitions for SMALLable?

We will continue to find the most beautiful designer brands in order to offer our customers a truly unique selection for the entire family! We will also work to provide our customers with an even more premium service. Our international growth is sustained, we must continue our momentum, particularly in the USA, Asia and the Middle East. And then there is Hundred Pieces our fashion brand which is now one of our best childrenswear brands which we are continuing to develop. Plus we have many other secret projects in the works…

Do you have any advice for parents that want to shop at SMALLable?

At Smallable, there is fashion, decoration, and furniture for the entire family. With more than 800 brands, the offer is certainly significant, but above all the selection is made with the utmost care. Each and every product is chosen one by one to make a catalogue that we really love! I therefore advise you to simply let yourself be guided by your tastes. At SMALLable, every purchase should be a pleasure.

What are your bestsellers? What’s new?

Smallable brings together many different designers, but above all, it offers an attractive universe, much more than a category or a new brand. It is the diversity and differentiation that makes the concept store so rich. Women’s fashion and beauty are also doing very well.

What is your best vacation memory?

The Balearics, every summer with family with friends, I love these islands, the wild coves … An ideal setting to disconnect and meet up. They are unforgettable memories for children.

What is your dream trip?

A trip around the world with the family.

What are your must-haves for the family?

It’s very difficult to choose! In fashion, I’m loyal to Isabel Marant, Ulla Johnson, LF Markey, Araminta James, and Jeanerica. For my daughter, I am drawn to all of the designers, but since she did the Louis Louise shoot, she has become a fan of the brand. My son chooses his clothes himself, usually with a street wear inspired style.

Jeanerica / LF Markey / Araminta James

It’s the same for decoration, I do my shopping at Smallable. At the moment, I love the candles by Ann Vincent.

In terms of music, Nick Cave and the Tindersticks are high up on my list. But I also love the Hundred Pieces compilations, always very eclectic with great discoveries from young French groups. I highly recommend them!

Do you have any good tips or places in Paris or in your city to recommend for parents? 

Since the deconfinement, there are so many good restaurants in Paris and they need us. Let’s go back to restaurants!

Do you have any good tips or places in Paris or in your city to recommend for children? I like to bike with the kids. It’s a great way to discover or rediscover the city and in these times, it’s an activity that can be done without any problems.

If you don’t have a bike, it’s very easy to rent one to get away from it all for a few hours on the banks of the Marne, for example.

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